OMFG!! *dies of excitment* Wii Launch Details Official...

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If you click that link the capitalist companies gather more money and can continue dominating every part of our lives, dulling our senses by churning out new, more powerful and better consoles, sweet Mario games that keep us enslaved and focus on hand-eye coordination and fun and green dinosaurs - He just kidnapped the princess! Right after him!

There is a deity of some sort…

Yeah, I’m pretty dissapointed with the conferences of today all over.

Mainly because the price for the controllers is so steep and the EU launch is at least 2 but most likely 6 months off. Also, the controllers still use batteries. Argh.

Only 30 classic games by the end of the year? Bah I say.

Batteries? Crap.

Geez guys, would you like some cheese and crackers with that whine? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure there’ll be more oldies up for downloading, and alternative controllers once the demand rises.

What? I’m sorry if I’m annoyed that the Wii isn’t delivering on their budget gaming promises, even if I understand the reasoning behind it. That in addition to the royal shafting I’m expecting to hear Europe getting tomorrow, if only half of the rumours flying around now are true.

Like a March release date, and the generic replacing dollars with euros bit.

I’m still getting one, but this day has been largely bad news, and failed to deliver on a lot of promises.

There wasn’t that much to be happy about in it though, aside from getting a certain date for release rather than an “in this area” date.

Wait, batteries? Those better damn be rechargeable.

@Rhaka: Not to sound stickler or anything, but do you know what sony did with the things that they planned for the PS3? They were supposed to have seven controller ports, but it only has four, they said they would have twin TV support (one PS3 to two TVs, useful for multiplayer games), but they got rid of that, too. I also believe they got rid of their camera card readers, but I might be wrong about that one.

And they still make it cost $600? >|

They’re generic batteries. 2 AA batteries come with the package, non-rechargeable.

Ant, how is Sony’s hilarious failure at all relevant to my complaints against the Wii announcements of today?

AA go for two bucks a piece here…


Yeah, I’m just buying a big pack of rechargeable AA batteries and not getting more than one additional Wiimote until they come up with a charging dock.

I’m not too happy with the line up. The only thing that interests me is Zelda TP so I’ll wait a little and buy MP3 , ZTP and SSBM - wii version when they’re all out.

The price is right though. Fuck sony.

There being more than half a million units worldwide is another advantage over Sony. :wink:

EDIT: Euro details announced! December 8th, EUR249/£179, one console, remote, nunchuck and wii sports. Software is EUR49-59/£34-39. Games: Wii Sports, Wii Play and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. WarioWare: Smooth moves will be released just after the consoles release and there will also be Third-Party games coming which are, Red Steel, Rayman, Need for Speed: Carbon, Tony Hawk and Super Monkey Ball.

Celebrate! :slight_smile:

Well, we got fucked over slightly less than I anticipated. Only a markup of 60 USD, and at least it’s not released in March.



… wait, crap. That’s when I’ll be working with my big essay. Dammit.

Hope they’ll do these nifty Wii+TP packages with a slightly better price. Mmm, TP.

Who cares about the details. We finally have a release. And stop whining everyone. Who cares that it takes 2 AA batteries, get some rechargables. Also 30classic games by years end, that’s what a month and a half, with more to come after that stop your gripping.