Old Threads

I’ve just noticed that, in the process of restoring the Agora, you guys brought back 347 pages of threads, going all the way back to 2003. Pretty cool. :cool:

Those threads were always there. The version of vBulletin we were using just made it so you couldn’t see threads that were older than 30 days (unless stickied) unless you purposefully searched back longer.

Yeah, but I seem to remember that you couldn’t search back past 25 pages, which was usually only a few months beforehand. Was there some kind of other way to do it?

Maybe it’s because I have SOOPER ADMEN POWAHS, but I was always able to search back… TO THE BEGINNING.

C’mon guys. Somebody else back me up on this. Or was I really so stupid I couldn’t figure out how to see threads past 25 pages? :bowser:

I could see them. Sorry, dude. =\

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

I almost wanted to bring back the old one by Infonick saying he was glad the server was back up. I was wondering how many people would have not noticed the dates at first because of the relevance of the topic to the recent events at hand. Then I realized I would probably get flamed so I didn’t.

I started reading some of these old threads: it’s amazing (and somewhat intimidating) how much you guys grew up/matured since then.

Actually, I find the opposite - its amazing how nobody’s seemed to have changed. :thud:

I’m like a new man!

Compromise: the more people change, the more they stay the same?