Old School Magic

In your example, only one creature can block the Lured creature. I forget the reasoning, but the maximum of one overrides the “all must block.” He must block if at all able, though. See also: Silent Arbiter, Grand Melee, Dueling Grounds.

I’d actually heard about that just earlier today from one of the people I play with.

For the Lure/Familiar Ground situation, who chooses the defender?

The defending player.

And yea, like I said. I’d be happy to pay you if you get the Sinkhole (preferably with hard case for shipping).

The thread I linked to is a 14-page topic about Magic cards, with various questions asked and answered; a few good deck ideas, links to magic fansites/websites, and information on upcoming sets.

I got into magic again earlier this year for a little bit. It really was a great game. Now it is really diluted by the new sets, but theme decks are really fun. My favorite is to try to get a deck full of tap-to-do-1-damage creatures to work flawlessly. I love Tim. That got really cheap when the horseshoe crab came out.