Old School Magic

So I recently dusted off my old Magic: the Gathering cards and started playing again, and I wanted to try getting some more cards and mess around building some decks, BUT I don’t really like the newer cards. Does anyone have any idea where I could find old common and uncommon cards? Before 6th edition. I stopped buying new cards right around when Homelands came out. Most of what I have is 4th edition and Ice Age, with some stuff from Fallen Empires and other expansions around then. The local gaming store only has the $10+ cards, and I don’t care to build a $600 deck.
It’s a little ironic that for the older cards, the only ones you can find being sold are the rares.

There’s a place near me, (Battlestations), which has a “throw-out” bin that I find myself constantly digging through. It just has cards from all eras, and for probably nothing over 50c or so. Do you know of a Battlestation near you?
Otherwise, if people you know have any… you would be able to get some from there?
I can’t think of any other ways just now though, sorry…


Oh my god, you don’t know what you’re missing. The Mirrodin block is the great magic set ever.

You might want to check out this website.


They sell a bunch of older cards, and their prices are pretty reasonable.

You can always print the cards out on cardboard paper.

www.starcitygames.com is (I believe) the biggest on-line store.
www.ebay.com Natch.

Also, since you bought stuff from way back when, got some cards? I’m looking for Sinkholes and a Scrubland.

That’s actually when I started playing M:tG… although, I can’t say that It’s the best block out… I think the art from then on was a bit screwed up… a little more surreal though, which is cool. But also, the creatures and such from earlier were just damn cool! Having a pack of rampaging gorillas rather than a li’l robot thing… (Not to say that the Myr aren’t the coolest things in the whole entire world…)

When did you used to play, demigod? Around 4th, or so I’m guessing… Cala?


Hey, this means I dont have to start my own M:tG thread.

Actually, I think I started with Ice Age, but think the newer sets are actually pretty fun.

Off topic, but Cala, thoughts on the newest set, ravinica or whatever? I have yet to have a chance to see any of it since I’m…well not in a civilized part of the world.

Ravincia has some good two-colored lands. But that’s about all I really noticed.

Mirrodin block is probably the most flawed block ever. It has so, so, so many banned cards. I think my Mirrodin-and-later deck was like 3/4th banned. Based around artifact lands.

I hated mirrodin block so bad. That’s when my friends started getting into the habit of going online and making the uber-super-ownage decks that I couldn’t compete with because I didn’t bother buying individual cards instead of packs.

The only thing I like about MTG is the cards are pretty

Sorry, Cala, I don’t have any of those. The Brave New Worlds store near me has a Sinkhole in their display case for like $7.

I started playing around 4th edition, shortly before Ice Age came out. Fallen Empires is my favorite expansion. It’s got some freaky stuff. It’s nowhere near as powerful as what’s available now, but I like it. I do have an idea of what I’m missing, because the people I play against spend lots of money on new booster packs. The creatures are freaking overpowering.

I considered printing out cards, but it just doesn’t feel right. Half the fun of the game is collecting the cards. If you just print out stuff, there’s no limit on what you can do.

People still play MTG? Damn. I thought it faded away.

I don’t think I’ve touched a Magic card in about 6 years. I’m glad I got that monkey off my back.

Hey, if you could pick that Sinkhole up (I assume it’s in halfway decent condition?), I’d be glad to pay you for your effort. They’re so friggin’ hard to find.

I started playing with Onslaught, but I’m more of a Vintage/Legacy player nowadays.

As for Ravnica. Jesus fucking Christ in a tophat. Not only are the new duals actually decent (come into play tapped unless you pay 2 life), but the guild cards make decks better. Birds of Paradise got reprinted (new picture, whoo) as did Elves of Deep Shadows (old picture is better). White Weenie (+ burn) is going to absolutely stomp on Standard. Char (Psionic Blast for red) and Lightning Helix (WR Instant, Healing Salve + Lightning Bolt) is ridiculous. The set overall is highly powered, with U/B probably being the weakest (mill isn’t as ridiculous as everyone thought it would be). R/W is going to be a deck to beat. G/W might make a show, but probably not as a straight-up Ravnica-block deck; it will probably be 3 or 4 colors. The B/G guild is also going to be a house in Standard. Plague Boiler is the new P. Deed of sorts. If B/G can stall R/W long enough to get board advantage, I think it’ll be the top deck (with Gifts and a few others).

Counterspell and Powersink are by far the most annoying cards in Magic.

Force of Will and/or Mana Drain are for more annoying.

This reminded me about my old MTG collection. I’ll go see if I can find it an edit it once I see what decks I have.

I’m pretty sure it was in decent condition. It was in a glass counter, and in a plastic card holder of some sort, I think.

So, two little questions. First, do snow-covered lands from Ice Age count as basic lands or non-basic lands? Not that it matters much to me, since I have about 4 total.

Second, say I have Familiar Ground in play (Enchantment, your creatures cannot be blocked by more than one creature), then I cast Lure (Enchant Creature, all creatures able to block creature enchanted by Lure must do so) on one of my creatures and attack with that creature. What happens?

Well, just FYI, they’re supposed to be getting ready to start continuing work to finish up Coldsnap, the “lost Ice Age expansion,” so those are some old school cards you can look forward to.