Old Nickolodeon

<3 old Nick. Discuss.

Favorites: Salute Your Shorts, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern Life, All That!, Pete & Pete, Kenan & Kel, Rugrats… I’m probably missing a bunch. They should bring them all back. But they would and it’d probably suck and ruin the good names.

I think they are already killing their names. Isn’t there some sequel to Rugrats with the brats a little bit more grown up?

More than anything else, I miss classic All That, Salute Your Shorts, and ESPECIALLY Pete & Pete.

Artie > Everything. Period.

Yes. It makes my eyes bleed.

The only old nick show i liked was Henry and June and Angry Beavers. Classic All That was ok, and Pete and pete was good too, but not my fav.

Henry and June… I thought their show’s name was Kablaam! Featuring the action-packed Action league! NOW!

But yeah, I remember Salute your Shorts, Are you Afraid of the Dark, All that… But what I miss the most are the GOOD cartoons they had. Like Angry Beavers, Ahh! Real Monsters, Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy…

…Dammit, now I’m all nostalgic!

Was this based on my post in the do not press the big red shiny button thread of temptation thread? We mustn’t forget Ahhh Real Monsters. The original All That had the best cast, to bad they all turned into old fogeys.

Pete & Pete and Are you afraid of the Dark? were mos def the best. Speaking of Salute Your Shorts, the kid who played Pinsky has a band named Rilo Kelly, whom I’m seeing next week I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Original All That
Round House
Salute Your Shorts
Ren and Stimpy
Original Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Hey Dude
Rocko’s Modern Life
Ahhh! Real Monsters!
My Brother and Me
Pete and Pete
Keenan and Kell
Nick News
Old Rugrats

Cartoon Network used to have an early saturday morning cartoon fest called Boomerang with old old cartoons. They have their own channel now, but it used to have awesome shows that I can’t remember the names too. There was this one where it had a bunch of cartoon characters doing a derby, another one with these gangster cats and the head cat lived in a trash can and always talked on the emergency police phone, atom ant, secret squirrel…


angry beavers rocked, and of course ahhh real monsters, cant remember any others,

It happened to me too. (points to avatar).

I forgot about Roundhouse…damn. That one I miss too. :smiley:

Also, Nick Arcade. I’d have given a kidney to get on that show.

Oh yeah, Nick Arcade. I loved that show. I also forgot Legends of the Hidden Temple.

I remember Legends of the Hidden Temple. That was the one with the giant face. Wasn’t there another show like that but it wasn’t themed.

I hate Ren and Stimpy, because it’s moronic and because that Dog has my IRL name. I liked Doug and Rocko’s Modern Life a lot, but then that was all I liked. From today’s Nicklodeon I only like Rocket Power.

Sorc: God, I’d forgotten Roundhouse! And that Boomerang cartoon about the alley cat and his gang was Top Cat. And I used to watch nick arcade and legends of the Hidden Temple religiously. I also have some memnories of Wild and Crazy Kids, and What Would You Do? Never really watched those ones much. OOH! And Double Dare! Anyone else rememebr Double Dare?!

Double Dare with Mark Summers? Yeah.

I remember Global Guts, but I hated that show. Along with Wild n Crazy Kids. What Would You Do? also never really tickled my fancy, except for at the end where they had tokens or something and they put them into this giant wall of doors to get free stuff or get pied.

Ditto for all you said.

Nick Arcade was the shit. One show (not really that old, but I still liked it) that I wish they’d bring back is Invader Zim. OMG that show was hilarious.

I don’t think All That or Kenan and Kel can really be called Old Nickelodeon. I dunno. I tend to think of Old capitalized as classic, such as the original Snick shows (does Roundhouse count in that?)

Was that the one with the Shrine of the siiiiilver monkey?