Old movies

If you like wierd cold war themed movies, Dr.Strangelove is good. I would suggest that.

Ooooh, another semi-old one I’d like to reccomend is Earth Girls are Easy.

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- Bridge on the River Kwai

You rock.

I’d recommend “The dark crystal” (…what? It’s cute ^^) and, um, this one movie which name I can’t remember. Gonna post it later.

While we’re talking about Dark Crystal-


Watch it. It has David Bowie. ;p

I also watched Metropolis (the silent film) some time ago, and it’s really interesting. You’d probably like it.

Takin’ it back to the 30’s…

“Public Enemy” starring James Cagney

“All Quiet On the Western Front” [based on the Remarque novel of the same name. Great film.]

Other assorted good stuff:

On The Waterfront
A Hard Day’s Night
Dr. Strangelove
Apocalypse Now
Monty Python’s The Life Of Brian
Logan’s Run

They Live (kinda campy, actually, but pretty good premise. I liked it, anyway)

Terminator 1 and 2
Batman [1989] (boy did THIS series go downhill)

Psycho, Rear Window, The Birds, North By Northwest [Hitchcock = THE MAN, and don’t you forget it]

Weird Science
Wallstreet [“Greed is Good”]

The Filth And The Fury {Sex Pistols Documentary}

The Professional

&middot Ben Hur, Spartacus; (very old)
&middot Blue Collar, The Godfather, The Conversation, Jaws, Taxi Driver, Apocalipse Now, A Clockwork Orange; (old)
&middot The Thing, Blade Runner. (a bit old)

/me points to favourite movie

ANY Monty Python film
ANY Hitchcock film
Laurence of Arabia
A clockwork orange
The Godfather series - not exactly old but a classic none-the-less.
Casablanca - I absolutely love this film.

I’ll probably think of more later.

Ah, now I remember!

“The African queen” and “Tai Pan” are must- views.

Thanks :smiley:

I have seen some of the ones you’ve recommended, and as for those I didn’t watch, my gather told me a lot about most of them.

I checked the site of a rental store where I go every week and I started looking at their list. They have almost all those movies in DVD. Some three or four of them are in VHS only, so I’ll have to get mu old dusty VCR working again. The only thing that put me down is that I couldn’t find the one I most wanted to watch, Rope, from Alfred Hitchcock :frowning: