Old Comics

I’ve come across a collection of old comics that I don’t particular care to keep. They are, ahem, silver age DC war comics. Most of them are older than what I’ve been able to find on the web. I found one site that helps you sell comics of this sort, and then theres Ebay.

Any suggestions? I guess I’m down to the yellow pages…

I would be quite interested in some of thsoe comics, actually. What sort of titles do you have?

Here are the titles:

Our Fightin’ Forces
Star Spangled War Stories
Fightin’ Navy
Fightin’ Marines
U.S. Air Force
Fightin’ Air Force
Our Army at War
G.I. Combat

I know some of the titles seem redundant and similar but that’s what they are. I’ve priced several at over $15 an issue threw www.newkadia.com

A local comic shop might be able to help you out as well - Both on the pricing, and the owner might want to buy them from you for his/her own collection.

Perhaps the thing thats giving me the most problems is the market itself. I’m totally unfamiliar and what with this recession I’m not sure if there even is still a market for these things.

Right now, you’d be getting a much better deal as a seller than a buyer, if that makes any sense.

Not really, considering I was never buying comics.