Old Bats

Damn, you guys are still kicking and screaming around here? And the place has changed. What’s really sad is I found this place by google. Was looking for some artwork and stuff and I stumbled across some old drawings.

Keep on kicking you old bats. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who are you calling a b- SCREEEECH


And nice to see you again, Chris-Chris! Drop by more often!

So did you ever s orakio’s d?

See what the picture says.

You still remembered your password? Good job (or same password everywhere, I guess).

Bat is a mild form of calling someone a lesbian over here.


I once got slapped for making a bat joke.

(Hi >_>)

message not too short!

O.0 The things you learn on international boards. :hahaha;

On that note, I should mention that the current Batwoman (in the comics) is a lesbian!

(No, not Batgirl, Batwoman. Why do we need a Batwoman, much less a lesbian one? Beats me.)

To be fair, Power Girl is all but a confirmed lesbian as well (that or she’s left the welcome mat out a little too long around the new Terra).

Also Buffy the Vampire Slayer has also had a few night stands with a lesbian (in the comics).

Btw, I like where this thread is heading.

These are my favorite lesbians. They’re so adorable.

It doesn’t matter one way or the other, so why not?

I thought they were twins.

While that’s the way it arguably should be, I’m pretty sure girls making out with other girls matters considerably, when it comes to sales.

Broadening the range of appeal for potential readers and such.

On the other hand, you could consider most villains gay lovers trying to draw attention to them and being hunted and manhandled by their superhero of choice or vice versa. Rawr.

The new Question is also a lesbian and their real life personas are exes.

I have no problem with Batwoman being a lesbian (though this is a retcon from the original version.) It’s the fact there doesn’t seem to be anything original about her that annoys me. It’s just another bat-costumed crimefighter in Gotham City. How many of those do we need? At least the last Batgirl had abilities (body language-reading) even Batman didn’t have.

And Officer Montoya was an interesting enough character on her own. There was no need to kill off the male Question just so she could take over his identity. -_-

My best friend and have always said that you can’t have enough lesbians. I’m glad we aren’t the only ones.

Welocme back Chris-chris! You glad you came back yet?

Welcome back to the asylum