...okay, this is pretty rad


The violinists are impressive, the drummer is terrible.

It is probably just my speakers, but is the sound quality really bad for anybody else?

I didn’t notice any clear distinction in talent between the violinists and the drummer.

lol, she’s no Mike Portnoy or Neil Peart, but terrible? Are we watching the same video? She’s at least “alright.”

Gunslinger: Youtube videos don’t have really great audio in general, but if it’s actually shockingly bad to you, it’s probably your speakers.

You should also note that they’re playing electric violins. If you just think they don’t sound like violins, it’s because they’re not supposed to :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like the drummer’s out of sync with the violinists a few times throughout the song.


Yeah, I think they’re all pretty good. There was a flub at about 2:00 in, just before the last chorus. Everyone messes up live, though; the way you can tell they’re not bad is that they picked it right back up. Some bands seriously fall apart when shit like that happens - it’s funny and not-funny at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there’s an intentional off-time feeling thrown into the song because it seemed pretty solid to me. What might be throwing you off is the variation in upbeats and downbeats.

It could be that. I know Gila, SG, and I are musicians, so we’re supposed to have an ear for detail in music (not that we’re totally anal or anything), and I dunno… I personally don’t notice anything horribly or obviously wrong with the drumming at any point. It’s fairly solid, I agree. It doesn’t have the robotic accuracy of prog drummers or anything, but I see that as a charm, not a flaw.

Oh I don’t get to be a musician? I played the trombone for 8 years

Trombone isn’t a real instrument LOAL

I think he means Tronbonne. :chupon:

You only get to be a musician if I know you play an instrument. Now that I know, I guess you can be in the club.

Hades is club President and I am Secretary of Secretaries

If you become a Secretary for our club you can do my paperwork for me

Yeah, someone better fill out those applications. Otherwise Cless is going to faint when he sees all the paperwork I have for him… most of it is about the validity of brass instruments.

*not valid in Japan, Europe, Australia and overseas territories

Trombone more like tromBONER lol.

Also played the piano for about 7 years with a teacher and still play on my own. Also played the tin whistle but seriously that instrument is easy as hell and isn’t that impressive.

And yeah not sure if the drummer sucked or not, but for some reason I was just laughing. I think it’s because I’m used to looking at SUPAH INTENSE MALE MUSCLE DRUMMERS and now it’s this cute chick playing them and it’s just a shock to the system.

I get to be Minister of Calenders.

That wasn’t rad. This is rad.

I guess they’re all pretty good. I think most of the kids in my high school band could’ve done it. Also, I wish they’d chosen a cooler song.