Okay, so, Beauty and the Beast is awesome.

And here’s why.

In that song, they make a verbal link between Gaston and Lady Macbeth.
“Screw your courage to the sticking place.”

Seriously, this makes me so happy when listening to it. And really makes me want to applaud the guy who put it in there.

You should listen more closely to some of the lyrics in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Words like “calumny and consternation” generally don’t make their way into kids’ movies, and rhyming “Adonis” with “croissant is” was sheer lunacy. 8p Say what you like about how they mutilated the original story, the end result is actually an amazingly good movie when taken on its own merits.

Also, the one-minute song “Court of Miracles” bleeds awesome.

gaston is the coolest disney character ever

Is this the Disney obsessing thread? To this day I associate Disney with Aladdin, that was what supershow meant when I was x years old. The snes platformer was also quite fun.

Hercules is one of the worst. I mean, they made Hades a monster (when in mythology he is really a fairly decent person compared to many other gods) and they made Hercules Hera’s son! How could Hercules be half god if he is the son of two gods? Isn’t half the intrigue of the legend the adversity he must face as an illigitimate child and the wrath of his cuckold mother? :eek:

For the longest time I considered Mulan to be the best Disney movie, because they never made any of those horrible sequels or Tv series of it… in '05 Disney greed disappointed me. :bowser: (They released the world’s most horrible sequel)

Also after doing some research I found out that Disney makes a lot of money from porn, Walt Disney was a Nazi party supporter and that whole “Lemmings like to jump off cliffs to their deaths” thing was made up by lazy Disney documentarians tossing rodents off high altitude rock faces :thud: Oh, and they refuse to shut down a few radio shows they own that promote racism, extremism and outright murder.

Nonetheless, the company that keeps itself open to the public produces some quality animation and I must agree, Gaston is one of the best villains they have ever produced. (Hades was a mangled concept, Ja’Far is just a clone of any villain of the same name from a Sinbad movie, I tend not to mention that The Lion King even exists because it was a knockoff of the work of Osamu Tezuka, the creator of astroboy, not to mention the TV show they released was utter garbage)

In summary, Yes, Beauty and the Beast was a great movie. It’s too bad good olf fashioned greed made the company that spawned it a Beauty outside and a wretched beast inside.

I also have to say that Aladdin is awesome.

But that’s partly because I love Robin Williams. And he made a DAMN good genie. Damn good.

You’re going to hate them more… In the movie, Hades gives him a poison which would make baby Hercules mortal. Baby Hercules drank almost enough to become a normal person, leaving just a tiny bit of godliness on him. And yeah, that’s one of the worst productions by Disney, I think so too.

I thought Hercules was hilarious. The problem here is that you seem to be comparing the movie against its original work. Bad idea. Disney movies are actually excellent quality when taken on their own merits and not getting all het up about how they changed everything around. Honestly, keeping the Hercules story exactly the same wouldn’t appeal to kids in the least, would it? Disney movies are generally good at appealing to kids while entertaining adults.

For the longest time I considered Mulan to be the best Disney movie, because they never made any of those horrible sequels or Tv series of it

That’s a terrible reason to like or dislike a movie. On its own merits, I found Mulan unbelievably boring compared to most of the earlier works (except for Pocohontas, which I found treacly and uninspired). Regardless of how they butchered their later legacies, movies such as The Lion King and Aladdin are timeless works of art and entertainment.

Hades was a mangled concept

Hades was a brilliant concept. He’s a mix of Genie, Jafar, and a used-car salesman. The idea of having such a comic character as a real bad guy was never really done yet - and the dichotomy of the comedy against the fact that Hades really is a nasty piece of work gave a few shocks.

I tend not to mention that The Lion King even exists because it was a knockoff of the work of Osamu Tezuka,

And Final Fantasy was a knockoff of Dragon Quest. Big deal. The question is whether the new media grows beyond its source material, and Disney movies generally do. The Lion King offered a panoply in terms of sound and visuals - a real animation son et lumiere.

Gaston is the most manliest Disney character/villian out there.

He’s the closest thing out there to a G-Rated Maddox/Bruce Campbell.

He’s bold, got the looks, got girls lining up to get his junk, beats the hell out of people on principal, can outdrink Satan, an asshole to the public, kills things, I’d vote for this guy for President.

Haa. You people are awesome. Sitting there typing away your critiques of Disney movies. Fun times.

While I’m not as articulate or critical as some, so I don’t have anything interesting to add, my favorite Disney movie is a tie between Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. The former because I love Jafar, as a generic villain as some say, he actually was merciless and cruel and not some pansy whiner. The latter because I love the story behind it and the animation was wonderful.

Disney at its best, and of course a breakthrough for Céline

I actually liked the Lion King the best of all Disney’s movies. It was the most heroic…

Plus it was far and away the most mature, too. Do you guys remember Mustafa’s death?? Holy Shit! And Simba fleeing for his life but coming back stronger and jaded. It was a cool theme, that I could relate to, moreso than other Disney movies.

Mufasa’s death remains one of the movie scenes that really makes me damn sad to watch every time I do.

Someone else brought this up elsewhere, but Lion King is basically a Cliff’s Notes of Hamlet.

<font size=“1”>And shame on you people for forgetting The Little Mermaid. >.></font>

Speaking of the Little Mermaid.

Though from what I remember, it was a pretty good movie. >>

It definitely was. It was a pioneer, in fact. Although rather embarrassing in some places, it was the first full-fledged big-budget Disney animated musical, and paved the way for all the others. And “Under the Sea” was great. :sunglasses:

And yes, sure, all Disney movies can be said to be ripoffs of one kind or another. I don’t think that diminishes their power in any way.

Yes, Lion King goes by the monomyth Campbell book. Still, Disney used to make good movies.

cough Bambi cough

Beauty and the Beast is an amazing movie, and it is the only animated movie to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Speaking of Disney songs, it’s always fun to go look at the lyrics, as they put all sorts of neat references in them. They’re also fun to sing :smiley:


Also for the sake of it. I really do need to go back and rewatch some of these movies.

Btw, how many of these movies did you see in the theaters back when they first came out?