Okay... not sure about this...

but… apparently… this kid was in a hot air ballooon today… i didn’t know nothing baout this… but i guess some little kids was in a balloon earlier today… turned out the kid wasnt in the balloon. but… what… the fuck?

This is apparently a fame seeking endeaver. The family has been on reality tv once or twice (Wife Swap? or something). What happened is that the family chases storms and tornadoes, so they had this huge weather balloon. They lost control of it and called the police to tell them their son was on it - it floated to Denver airport in Colorado, and when it landed there was no kid. Oh! He was in the attic.

People are stupid and crazy.

The father claims it wasn’t a stunt, but I sure as hell don’t believe him. The kid said he was hiding in the garage attic the whole time because dad yelled at him for touching the balloon. Again, I still don’t believe either one of them. I see a movie coming…

Considering that it’s been two days now since this took place and the media is still talking about this. It makes me want to try something crazy and/or stupid for the sake of gaining publicity.

On the other hand though, the mass media these days are a bunch of motherfucking retards. So its probably for the best to avoid giving them an excuse to mess with me.

But in all seriousness I have to ask.

Where were you when the boy “fell”?

The amount of helium in that balloon wouldn’t have been enough to achieve lift with a child inside it, no one seemed to realize that.

That already came out. It was called Up.

I don’t remember making this thread…

Anybody order a pizza?

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