Faster, stronger than before. We have the technology. We can create the world’s first bionic mailbag host, and MegamanX2K will be that host-


I am here today personally to tell each and every one of you that if we do not get sufficient replies to the mailbag topics, then I and my crack team of ninja-samurai helpers that shall be comprised of Hades, Eva and Shinobi, whom I assume will take great pleasure in damaging their fellow man, will personally use every technique in our power to track you down and break in two every bone in your body (including the small ones in the fingers that are quite hard to do). Make no mistake you worthless maggots, we are dedicated to making sure that this mailbag succeeds where others have been shot in the head of brevity by the bullet of apathy. Should the replies waver, contingency plans have been prepared. Steps will be taken. We are always watching you. And any family, pets or loved ones you may or may not have. -_-

Reply to the mailbag, or [strike]SG[/strike] the Mexicans will get you.

DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?! :hyperven: Mods, I think we should sticky this as a permanent reminder to the peasants to reply to the mailbag for their own sake. Or not. Whatever. I’ve had my fun. ^^

Rast bless the Mailbag and RPGC, and X2K!


It’s SG! :o:O:O:O

Oh come ooooooooon. :toast:

Bah, HK-47’s got nothing on HK-36.

MegamanX2K? But he’s a damn wiener kid

I cant find the mailto button on the mailbbag page. Only a mailto to charle and x_countryguy.

You sir, are a dick-cheeseburger. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah, I finished it a while ago… i’m gonna send it to merl now… btw I didnt see anyone offering to help, even after I made the thread on people co-hosting it with me. ok? its not so easy. I dont have enough time to do it all by myself. if just ONE of you had imed me and asked about it, it would have been done alot sooner. and i’m very sad I cant be a part of it any longer. assuming i’m not going to be a part of it any longer.

Pierson, have I ever told you that I love you? :mwahaha:

What are mailbags for? -_-

I am confused…again.

There its all done, check the main forum, now if anyone had shown this much interest earlier it would have been done earlier, cuz I need pressure to do anything, this mailbag was done completely by myself, so its just me talking to myself for 40 paragraphes, but your crack head team of ninjas are going to be helping me from now on, and X and everything, and spoony said he would be a guest host when he feels like it, i’m very tired now, and I have to get up in 4 hours, so I hope you’re all very happay, today is going to be horrible… and um, what was I going to say… fuck!.. yeah. I fired Xcountryguy cuz none of you like him, so I had to do it all by myself, and even though I was like never on at the same time as counytryinh guy, he would still come around and bug me about it every now and then, and thats how I got it done. but then I fired him, and nobody mentioned it again. nobody messaged me about it. ever. and then I forgot about it. but now its done.! and now I have new people helping me. or maybe i’ll get usurped, I dont know, but I hope i’ll just be able to keep doin it with my new ninja crack squad. i’ll make you all sprites. and also I havent been able to really use a working computer in 2 months, or check the email responses, but now i have a new gmail account for all the letters. as you can see on the main page. now I can check them wherever I am. and my other buddies can read them when I give them the password. when we get all this confusion organized.ninjas email me, at the malbag address, RPGCMB@gmail.com and message me! ok i’m going to bed! goodnight! the malbag will be up when merlin decides if you’re ready or not. when you can snatch the pebble from his hand THEN you will be able to reaad the mailbag. yeah. ok goodnightO!IO!I!!OI!OIOI

Firstly, people had offered to help over a month ago.

Secondly, its not our job to ask if you want help. Its your job to find help if you need it.

God, it’s going to become a soap opera…