Okay, let's just make one thing clear...

This has been boiling in the shadows for too long, I say!

steps up

I don’t care where you got your information, or what they told you, they are all big, evil liars! LIARS!

I do not have a tentacle fetish dammit!

Thank you :ulty:

See, I just finished reading my last thread and so I read that you didn’t have a testicle fetish.

I believe you.

(BTW, did you get my PM?)

opens his beak as if to say something, but, thinking better of it, turns and dejectedly jets away

No, you have a WHIP fetish!

Just kidding.

Oh Sin, you… though I note people have a tendency to write “tentacles” as “tenticles” when they comment on my pict- ahem.

AHA! See? SEE? GG Crono is one of them liars! It’s his fault this totally untrue rumour got started!

And yes GG, I got the PM. I’m on it, but I’m a little swamped right now. I’ll get to it ASAP, promise.

Flashes a picture (warning - mature content, tentacle over boob) and takes not of Weiila’s reaction on a piece of paper (Pai-checks, anyone?)

Oh, and clicka for more whip and overexposed lower fetish.

Hey now, I have BROWN hair. And that’s two “i” in my name (though I find all the misspellings amusing ;)). Other than that, :hahaha;

I lol’d.

Weiila is so silly. But I don’t recall anyone saying she has a tentacle fetish.

That whip looks like a tentacle.

the first sign of a problem is denial.

I had no reason to think you did. Not until this thread.

I must be a chain smoking alcoholic who doesn’t smoke and only occasionally drinks. :open_mouth: I never knew this about myself!

In that case, ms. Weiila, may I offer you a tall, cold glass of Long Drink?

Oh, before I forget: mmmm, tentacled-Weiila.

hmm tentacles >_>amensia dust

Why’s it black?

I’ve spent the last few years building up an immunity to amnesia dust.

That’s inconceivable!