Okay, I'm royally fucked.


I just deleted, by accident, a notepad document, with over 300 passwords, which I DESPERATELY NEED…!!

So, is there any way to restore it? I deleted it COMPLETELY… >.<

Isn’t there some way of going into DOS and recovering files from that? I’ve only heard this second- or third-hand, so someone else will know more than me. There are also File Recovery programs from people like Norton.

Uh…recycle bin?

The problem is, I deleted it from a folder, THEN from the recycle bin…

How do I DOS recover it?

I tried a program undelete thingy, and it requires me to have the program BEFORE deletion.

Oh boy… is there any chance it may have been copied into a temp folder?

How did you manage that?


No temporary folders with it in it… I searched my ENTIRE computer!

I was cleaning out my folder, and deleted everything, and undeleted stuff I needed… I noticed I was missing some files, so I undoed all my deletes, then deleted all I didn’t need… But I was thinking of Mp3s at the time, and not notepad documents… so bye bye passwords. >.<<<<

Then yes, I’m sorry but you are screwed. That’s why I only use two diferent passwords on everything.

What were the passwords from anyway?

Some of them were activation keys. But the majority of them are from MMORPGs… So, I uh… wasted 1000+ hours.


If you provide your credit card number I’m pretty sure the companies that made your MMORPGs would give you your password.

That would work, but the MMORPGs I registered for have no access to my credit card number, cause I don’t pay…

Also, I tried to use lost password interface thingy, and it says my account was too new.

I like to keep my passwords in my head, where I can’t delete them… So, yeah, having 300 passwords and keeping them all in the same file is a bit silly really.

/me stab self in eyes.

I only use 3 or 4 passwords.

One for stuff that is ‘secure’, setting up accounts with people most certianly not trying to steal the passwords (MMORPGs, for example)

One for halfway-secure stuff. Not entirely sure on it, but seems trustworthy enough

Another thats for questionable places. If they stole hte password… they can only use it for other places like it, and wouldn’t be bothered to steal the accounts.

Edit: Oh yeah, and a fourth one for stuff shared with my family. If I have to share with non-family, it’ll be a fifth password.

So… no way to restore my file which I lost?

try that


Unless you had GoBack or similar program running before you deleted the file, I’m afraid you are SOL.

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