okay, im A complete idiot

Sohee, i apperiate ALL the help, i couldnt do it without you, but i will never run out of questions, but heres the last…i hope…LOL

where are the swithes? I have goten the yellow, obious, and the blue, but havent found the red or green. please help, and i promise to never bug you again.

Go to Donut Plains 2, and follow the normal route until you get to where the yellow stone stuff rises out of the ground. You can go into the 2nd upside-down GREEN pipe you come across after you’ve entered this area. The path in here leads to the Green Switch Palace. <i>Make sure you have Yoshi so you can fly up to the roof by grabbing the blue shell. (Don’t go in the pipe in the room with the blue shell)</i>

This is in Vanilla Dome 2, it’s really long, so I’m going to start at the P-Switch and go from there. You come to a P-Switch on a 3x3 block of those brown angry looking blocks, grab the switch, don’t hit it yet. Go left and down the second gap you come to. Go out of the water and to the right, and grab the key, then take it to the keyhole in the water.

Sorry if the Red one is confusing, I had to look it up since and I got sort of confused myself.

Edit: Ack, I missed some details in Green. Added them now. They’re in italics.