Okay, I want an honest opinion from 360 owners.

I absolutely fucking hate FPS type games. Even something like metroid prime sucks for me. So, that being said… is there any real reason at all for me to get a 360? I know that some people would say there’s a couple of RPGs for the 360, but is it worth getting the system for them? (Keeping in mind, I really, REALLY want to give Eternal Sonata a try.)

The concensus is that Eternal Sonata isn’t that great. I haven’t tried it yet and I am not too interested to. It is nevertheress supposed to be unique.

There’s a Katamari Damacy game.

There’s a few DDR games.

There’s Guitar Hero.

I mention the last 2 mainly for downloadable content which you can’t get on the Wii, for example.

If you want , you can download CV SotN from Xbox Arcade Live. It costs like 10 bucks. This is the PSX version, not the saturn version. XBLA has a few interesting little games that aren’t too expensive.

Blue Dragon is an excellent Dragon Quest clone. If you like light hearted DQ clones, this game is for you. If you are tired of old school game mechanics with “save the world from evil villain” stories, pass it. I personally really enjoyed it. More RPGs are coming from Mistwalker (Sakaguchi and co) for 360 and the DS.

Assassin’s Creed: this game is amazing. Enough said.

Mass Effect: from the team that brought us KotoR is a KotoR like RPG. It will be a series. 2 more coming.

Ninja Gaiden 2: next year. Fountains of blood, difficulty that will kill the other people sitting in the same room as you.

It has other things coming for it that are interesting. There’s a rumor that Square might start releasing material for the 360, like a Front Mission game.

I know you don’t like FPSs, but I really don’t think Half Life 2 falls in that category. Half Life 2 and Portal are so amazing, you just have to try them.

The 360 has other interesting stuff like Crackdown, that got tons of praise. You’re a cop and you essentially destroy your environment in your pursuit of criminals.

There’s Dead Rising where the sole purpose of your existence is to slaughter zombies in a mall, going from store to store and using anything at your disposal to annihilate things. I haven’t had time to play this yet but its on the list.

Anyone have any other ideas?

If Microsoft got on the ball and made it possible to play games like Psychonauts, and Panzer Dragoon Orta on the 360 then I would recommend those.

Actually, I think BOTH are playable through backwards compatibility. You just need to connect it to the Internet, and you’ll download the update.

Basically, every game Sin mentioned is good. Yes, the 360 has a lot of FPS games, but there’s a far wider variety of games to play than with the original Xbox.

Nevermind the fact that they just made Psychonauts - the entire game - available for download.

Anyways. XBox 360. I didn’t buy it for the FPS games, and two of the four DVD games I own for it are FPS games. Still, there’s a lot of good stuff (I just haven’t had the money to get in on it), and XBox Live Arcade is virtually infinite entertainment.

XBox 360. Do it.

You can buy Psychonauts for like 12 bucks on XBLA. You just need a HD to download it to.

honestly 360 is the only console from this gen worth a damn and it’s only for rock band and a few others.

get it

Earth Defense Force 2017 is cheap and amazing. It is basically every cheesy B movie about aliens and giant monsters attacking rolled into a game. Your enemies range from ants the size of houses, to mecha godzillas, to city raping motherships. You get all sorts of ridiculously over powered weapons with which to send the RAVAGERS back to where they came from. Third person view, running and shooting and blowing up anything you damn well please makes for some great mindless fun. It also has 2 player coop that is just about the greatest thing ever if you can get a buddy and some beer involved in the giant ant genocide.

Even if you don’t like FPS games i think Bioshock is worth a try regardless. I’m not a big fan of FPS games and I was pretty impressed with it.

Bioshock is a game with an awesome setting and ambiance but it is very very very much a standard FPS in terms of gameplay.

My big problem with FPS games is I cannot, for the life of me, get used to the controls. Ever. I spent the better part of a week being forced to play halo 2 with a friend, and never got any better.

Most of those games sound interesting, particularly Portal. Mostly, I want to play it so I can get all those fucking amusing portal-related thigns people keep going apeshit about. It’s really annoying.

Yeah, Halo 2 and Half Life 2 / Portal don’t fall in the same category at all. You might be more inclined to get The Orange Box on PC though. How good is your PC? I just have difficulty imagining playing Portal with a controller instead of a mouse and key board. Apparently its fine. I just haven’t tried it.

I played Portal on the 360. It worked quite well.

Even the jumps when you need to chain portal?

^ Those were really not that hard on a 360 pad. Honestly, to put it in perspective: I use a stick layout that you can’t even USE in Portal for 360, and I still managed to play through it comfortably and easily, with very little problem other than when I had to run from one place to the other really quickly.

I had absolutely no problems with the controls for the 360 Portal.

Those were still quite easy, Sin, yeah.

Xbox 360 Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars are actually interchangable too. Unlike the PS3 versions…

So Val , are you getting one for X-MAS?

I just bought one of thoses last friday, got Mass Effect.

It’s incredible. I also go the Holiday pack with the new 360s with the fixed heatsink.