Okay I have to share this

I often see a banner at the top of the Agora that claims to have “FFXI Gil from Pro US Gamers” but, there’s one problem… the pics in the banner are all FFXII characters. Every single one of them.

Anyone else ever notice this? :smiley: I thought it was funny and stupid.

Yes, I did.


I think they use to have it right about six months ago, but what once was right but now is wrong. Is no excuse for what I see.

But then again they really didn’t have much of anything on those ads to begin with anyway.

While not technically illegal (just breaches the Terms of Service which can get you booted from a game), it irritates me to see gold/gil selling advertisements in general. It’s so damn aggravating to see some of spots in MMORPGs filled with guys who just camp the unique/whatever is worth IRL money. And the worst part, they have a life. Of gold farming. Guh. Have fun going “Hap, Hap!” in your closets :<

(Who buys gold, anyway? Anyone know someone?)

Oh godddddd they’re ruing the vitrual economy.

Suffice to say no one cares.

A friend of mine bought 500G on Whorecraft for $30 something bucks. He only played for two months. I hope he enjoyed it thoroughly…

This isn’t about the virtul economy

It’s about the funny banner :smiley:

It’s ironic we both spelled virtual incorrectly.

i’m pretty sure that’s not irony but merely coincidence

yeah duh.

What do you mean merely? Are you saying coincidence takes a back seat to irony? :open_mouth: