Okay I have no idea how long that this has been up

Slayers, project A-ko(all six), blue seed, Don’t forget to see the three Tenchi movies, Inuyasha is interesting :cool:, Dual, Gate keepers, .hack, rouroni kenshin, yuyu hakusho, Boogie bop phantom(if you don’t mind kinda being stumped to what’s going on because all the characters look alike), Ranma 1/2, Furi kuri, Card Captors, 3x3 eyes, Gokudo, Devil hunter Yoko, Sakura wars, Boah, plastic little, burn up, and bubblegum crisis.

Just for you to know, Akira is sometimes not the best anime to start up on, it’s way too freaky for my tastes. and a sidenote, x is terrible. And never ever see root search.:too bad;