Okay. I have a question for these people...

Don’t you get really defensive and pissed off if someone insults where you live?

I don’t. In fact, I’d probably agree. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. If someone says “Texas sucks” I tend to reply with “yes, that is an accurate assessment of things.” If someone says that the US sucks, I say “there are many aspects of this country that I don’t agree with, but as a whole, I think that it does more good than harm.”

I always want to defend my country when someone takes a shot at it, but I’m usually way too stoned and boning too many prostitutes to actually do so.

Oh, I don’t care. Nationalism is overrated.

Don’t forget the illegal blackmarket warez ring you run.

Shouldn’t you be at a gay bar right now?Driving home on your bike?

We can have the me<strike>a</strike>et be at my penis. There’s room for everyone.

Oh wait, we’re being serious. Coulda fooled my by how NO ONE HAS A PLACE SET FOR THE DAMN MEET.

hey not everyone in canada sucks.

:moogle: name one person from canada that dos’ent suck.

uhh…Colin Mockerie?

Don’t look at me, it’s not my fault a majority of the people here still live wth their parents. And the ones that don’t are generally smart enough to realize they shouldn’t have a bunch of random freeloaders in their apartments. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on it…jeez :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s how the unwritten RPGC O works.

So yeah, that’s why we can’t have ANY meets in the midwest. Ever (before anyone says anything this wasn’t done to mock anyone or their region of living, I was just bored).

You people are funny people. You think the coasts are the best, but when you live in the coasts, or even if you just meet on them… You never ever get a decent tan.

This reminded me of an ancient thread called “Charlie don’t surf”.

Yes, TWO YEARS. Sure, I knew of the site and all, but weren’t really in the community. You think I’d go to that meet then?

Heck, I’m still a noob. :bowser:

I got a tan, bitch. Watch what you say. >:O


But…but I like Texas. :too bad:

Dude, I am literally on the south border of the ‘o’. Oklahoma city metro. Oh, and last time I was in Texas, I got shot at 3 times. I no like texas no more.

Jesus, what part of Texas were you in? I’ve only <I>heard</I> of a local shooting once.

I bet he was in Oakcliff down in South Dallas where my Dad used to live.

But, seriously, even then you’d have to probably have to be walking around at night or something.