Okay. I have a question for these people...

If we have west-coast and east-coast RPG meets, why don’t we have them anywhere near the inner US? I hate being left out…

Do you have a house? All it would take is you saying “HEY RPGC! COME TO MY HOUSE AT [x] DATE AND [x] TIME!”

And if you have a house, you’ve gotten farther than the east coast meet so far.

Because the Midwest sucks and there’s nothing to do there? >.>

Cuz we dont really like you, Ryotokineto.

because hardly anyone lives in the midwest?

Once I get a better place, I’ll hold a Midwest Regional RPGC Meet in north Dallas. Booya.

There’s nothing in Sweden, and you can’t hear me complain.

Ok, maybe a little.

Dude, there was a Sweden meet two years ago.

You all could always go to Castro’s place.

It’s because RPGC forms an O. We have Canadians (they suck 'cept for Walhalla and Cid). Then it curves into Oregon and down the California coast. Then it curves into the Southern US border, going through Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, etc. Then it curves up the Eastern seaboard until it connects with Canada again.

Besides, almost no one cool lives in the Fly Over States (save Trillian). It’s just like Ramzas and shit. And we don’t want our RPGC population layout looking like a deformed boob.

O Canada.


I was attempting to organize one while I was still in Georgia, but that just never worked out, mostly because of a lack of somewhere to hold it.


Yes. You are. :slight_smile:


984 is quite funny.

Yes. Yes I am. I am quite humorous.

I’m either known as humorous or rabid. Okay, just rabid!

Hey, there are more cool Canadian RPGCers, like Zero and company. And Hiryuu is in a fly-over state. He’s cool.

Not many people fly over Montana really. I guess I should’ve said Canadian/Northern US border.