So, I only just started playing this game after my sister finally gave up Right of Play, and I’m having a lot of fun with this. I’m playing the Wii version, which takes a little getting used to but it’s overall fun. But anyway, while I figured out I can easily turn night into day, thanks to the powers of the sun and all, but is there a way to make day into night? I see a whole bunch of pillars of light that indicate diggable spots at night, but just when I’m starting to look, the sun rises again. Is there anything that I can do for this?

Having not played it in a few years, and having loaned my copy out to a friend a few months ago (and hoping she makes good use of it), I think you don’t get the day to night brush technique until you go to the forest.

But there is an ability that does it. That helps a lot already, thanks.

Of course the worldly manifestation of Sun Goddess would be able to make the sun go away!

You get the ability to make it night when your doing the sunken ship quest in the ryoshima coast

Already past the ship, and I got it while trying to get to the Gale Shrine.

Also: In Sai-an City, there’s a lot of mention of a thief running around. I lit the braziers, nothing else is happening. Any advice what I’m supposed to do?

Once you’ve lit them all, you have to, at night, smash a rock that he might be hiding behind. Usually one of the ones near that pond in the corner.