ok, what's the big deal about Harry Potter?

Alright, I’ve been hearing for years now from friends, family, passerbys, and extraterristials from Mars that I should really read Harry Potter, that me more than anyone SHOULD be reading it, and that I’m an inferior human being for not doing so. Ok, not quite in those words but you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, what’s the big deal about Harry Potter? It’s about a kid who knows magic, I get that. And there are some bad guys and creatures n’ stuff. And I’ve seen the movies, which I thought were extraordinarily average. So, what is the big deal about this series and what has made it addictively popular and why should I sit down and read these beloved tomes of the British word?

I guess I just don’t understand the big hullabaloo beyond that it’s a book most people seem to like.

To put it simply I don’t know what the big deal is either. I read the first book and thought it was just about the biggest load of swill I’d ever read. I have no idea why people like it so damned much.

Ori never likes anything anyway…

I suppose it has to do with your personal taste in books and whether you sucuumb to the hype or not. There are two types of Harry Potter fans, those who enjoy the books for what they are, and those who just read em and squeal just because of the media coverage.

They’re not anything terribly original mind you, but I have liked them. Read better though. Seeing one of the movies (which are a bit toned down) or reading one of the books might give you an opinion if you’re interested, but I believe the series gets better with each passing book so…well there’s a little explanation for you :stuck_out_tongue: It seems you either like HP or ya don’t

It’s the Lord of the Rings revisited: The only difference is that people haven’t started sneaking into J. K. Rowling’s garden yet.

Harry Potter is like Fruit Cake: You either love it unconditionally, or loathe it’s very existance. I lean more towards the “love it unconditionally”, even though there are some problems with it. At least it’s getting better as time goes on (which makes me wonder WHY IT TOOK HER SO DAMN LONG TO WRITE THE NEWEST ONE?!).

Meh, I could live without it, but it’s okay.

I prefer the Forgotten Realms books myself

The Dark Elf Trilogy (Yes, I found and read the 3rd ^^) was a masterwork :slight_smile:

Harry Potter is pretty nice. What makes it particularly awesome overall is that it’s not hard to read (they’re made to easy to read for younger audiences), but they’re well-written enough to indulge someone who likes fantasy. Also, aside from the movies, just like ANY movie conversion, the books are just better :stuck_out_tongue: They’re more humourous, some characters are just characterized differently in the books (particularly Dumbledore), and the writing style makes it more interesting than any movie could. The only thing neat about the movie that the book doesn’t make QUITE as exciting are the quidditch matches. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah Merlin…try the first two out and see if you like them. They’re both rather short books, and if you can’t really get into it by then, well it’s probly not your bag. It’s not for everyone.

I thought the movies were neat, and I know people who are obsessive (which is quite annoying), but like Merl, I’m not religious about it and think its silly to be like that.

Man, I was asking people the exact same thing earlier today Merl, they didn’t really give me any suitable answers, mostly I was just told it was really well written phrased several different ways. I figure I’ll give one of them a try and judge for myself sooner or later.

Now, while I do enjoy the books, I’m not fanatical. I tend not to be. But they’re very nice, vivid, easy to read… And they have to trouble with various tough subjects.

And all I can say is that while I’m not fanatical about the HP series, I want to say that the fifth book so far (haven’t finished it yet) is worth at least $50.

Ahem, anyways. But yeah, you may want to read the first coulple of books. Then if you like them, go on…

It’s a bit hard to explain, at first I thought it was a stupid kids novel but once I got into them I have to admit one thing: I have no idea what is it, but there is something in those books that don’t let me get away until I finish them and once I do, I can’t wait for the next one. Just like when I read LotR.

In other words: It’s the dope of the book world.

The cashier in Wegmans’ today told me I looked a lot like Harry Potter…could this be my calling in life???

Harry Potter is a boy who knows magic and goes to hogwarts and fights evil and thats because his parents were killed by voldermort and then baby harry was sent to live with his muggle(non-magic folk) aunt, uncle, and cousin until his 11th birthday when he gets his letter to hogwarts and the book has spread into a five part series which is very good

Umm, Latarali, I think you missed the entire point of this thread…I’m talking Wrongway Peachfuzz here. Total 'fuzz.

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
The cashier in Wegmans’ today told me I looked a lot like Harry Potter…could this be my calling in life???

No X, that means that you are a short scarred glass-wearing magic brat.

But somehow I can’t picture you like that.

I personally don’t see what’s the hype. Half of my family own the books already, so when the series’s finished or something I’ll just borrow it from them.

They are fun to read- thats it. :stuck_out_tongue:

i read the harry potter books just for the purpose of having something to read…