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Tale of a Crooked Tail

Chapter one
My mom always said, "Never let curiosity get to you, it always ends up killing you. "Heh, to tell you the truth curiosity was my middle name. I’m not exaggerating, I was always curioius. To start my story off, I’ll begin with my childhood.

I was born on September third, three am in the morning. My mother was a large, head strong ally cat. She had silk, gray and white fur. I had three brothers and five sisters. My three brothers all had white and brown fur. My first sister had white fur with tan and brown patched, her name was Tanny. The second one had brown fur with black and white spots, she was called Spots. My third sister had a black tail with a brown and white bodie, her name was Sophie. Stephen, my fourth sister, had white fur and brown patches. Oha had white fur as well but only one brown spot, which was on her belly. Zane, Zip, and Zake, my brothers, all played rough and tumbled around alot. My sisters alwaysed watched. Oha and Zane played with me the most though.

I was a gray, ugly little thing who couldn’t even find the right nimple. Instead of milk I would get hay. Yes hay as in what a horse eats. At the time being, I didn’t know where I was but to tell you one thing, I felt some kind of sticks poking my belly and I heard a lot of ‘moos.’

After about ten days, my brothers and sisters finally opened their eyes, no sooner after me. Zane had green eyes. Zip had brown eyes. Zake had grey eyes. Tanny had a pretty green color to her eyes. while my other four sisters had brown eyes. Me, I had a strange color of yellow.

Ahh yes! The first sight of light! The first look on the outside world and a…Barn? Yes. I was born in a barn. After a few days, I was able to walk instead of crawl. My first day of exploring the place where I was born. I climbed up what is called a ‘ladder’ while my brothers and sisters pounced one another. I had reached the top floor and wandered around. My siblings just happened to notice me and stopped playing to watch me. I felt like I something important and was getting kudos for my accomplishmenst. I looked for a daring challenge and saw a rope hanging from the ceiling.

That was a prefect chance to prove myself. I got in a pouncing position and balanced my legs. My tail was perfect, no distractions, I was free for the win… I leapt out for the rope, but as the saying goes, “what goes up, must come down.” I didn’t leap high enough to reach the rope and I landed flat on my belly. I wasn’t hurt, besides my ego because my brothers and sisters were laughing at my failure, I got to my feet, stuck my tail between my legs and went for a nearby dark corner.

That was my first life… silly me.

That follwing week, my mother decided we were old enough to hunt. So, she took us on our first hunting lesson. Our mother led us to an open weat field where we practice pouncing each other for a while. Then, she gave us a huge lecture on hunting skills. “Remember kids, the art of hunting is a very quiet and fast paced skill. You got to know when to pounce and when to attack.” Mom told us.

“Yes mother.” we all said dully.

“Now, there is certain targets for certain pounces. A mouse, you have to wait then pounce immediently. A rat, you have to chase and attack. Use your claws when attacking a rat. Rats have…” she went on. I didn’t pay any attention though. After the speech she showed us a batch of field mice and we started pouncing, chasing, and hunting for our meals.

I found a huge mouse. It had yellow teeth, a fat, hugemongus belly, and one ear missing. I had never seen anything like it! ‘This is my lucky day!’ I thought as I got ready to pounce it. I leaped into the air letting out a fearious hiss. The mouse saw me
and hissed back, the thing moved quickly and as I landed on the ground it scratched my little nose then ran off as my mother came to aid me. She told me that was a rat and rats are not what a kitten should go after. Since that day, I always hated rats.

Weeks had passed by and our mommy was leaving us. “Remember kids, never let curiosity get to you, it always ends up killing you…” she told us. She glared at me. Mommy cat gave us all a kiss and strolled off. Zane found a home somewhere out in the field, Tanny ran away and was never seen again, Oha stayed with me for a little while before she too, ran away. Zake, Zip, Stenphen, Sophie and Spots all ran away. I was the only one left in the barn.

Chapter two

I woke up the next morning to the sound of laughter. I walked outside of the barn to see a two legged animal kicking a round object. Curious of what this new creature was, I decided to watch it. After examining it I go to greet it, but when I appoarched it, the mammal shouted, “Mommy! A kitty cat!” It ran into the house and came back out sweeping me into it’s arms, knocking the wind right out of me. I was soon to discover that this two leg was what you call a ‘human’.

I grew up on that farm, learning many different things from the other farm animals. Like, that big, fat, pink thing was a ‘pig’, and the four, long legged animal was a ‘horse’, (which I learned never to claw it’s back) and the loud mouth that always barks at everything is a ‘dog’. But I alwaysed like visiting the cows. They stayed out in the paster to eat the grass and on summer day’s, I would go out and sleep on their backs. It was a year before the owners were giving me away.

The day that my new owners were coming to get me was the saddest day of my nine lives (cats do have nine lives by the way.) It was a couple of two, who smelled like rotten grass and had dark circles under their eyes. The two lived in the city which was miles away from the farm. The afternoon I left, would become the afternoon where I would begin a life of depression. When we got to their home, I was immedently called ‘stupid animal’, which became my name. Stupid animal for a new, what kind of a name is that? I didn’t like it at all. As bad as I was treated there, I found a safe spot under the refrigerator.

A year after I was taken away from the farm, the lady of the house was kicking me out. I don’t really remember why but I do remember what happened that night. before I could move my tail out of the doorway, she slammed the door on the tip of my tail. They let my tail out of the door but didn’t take me to the vet or anything. I was on my own with an empty stomache and a broken tail.

It was the first night of being alone. I found shelter in the nearby alley. That night was pouring with rain. Soaked, I hide inside a box. Cold, wet, and hungry, I didn’t think of anything but sleep. My tail hurted badly and I didn’t have the strength to clean it. Finally, I fell asleep. I recall I heard a small voice while I slept.It was cring out, almost in a small prayer. It sounded like a young girl. But, not wanting to consintrate on anything but sleep, I ignored her.

Chapter three

It took me a month to get to know the area and all the other cats. I never went downtown though, from what I’ve heard, it was a pretty nasty place. The other cat’s alwaysed warned me about going there, so I never did. Sometimes at night, when I’m sleeping, I could hear that girl’s cries. Strange though, I never could find out where she was, but I made a promise to myself, and I was going to find her. No matter what. Though, my thoughts was soon put aside by the alleyway bully, the bulldog.

That day was not going good at all. I started the morning with my usual stroll through the alley when I walked through ‘dog alley.’ While walking down, I heard kitten cries and a dog barking. I dashed for the screams to find two kittens trapped by a huge bulldog. Knowing that the kittens didn’t stand a chance, I had to do something. So, I climbed over the fense and jumped right ontop of the dog digging my claws into it’s back. He yelled in pain and starting to try and shake me off, but I dug my claws in deeper to stay ontop of him. I hissed at the kittens, “Go! Run!” They ran off under the fense and ran into the next. dog-free backyard. I jumped off the dogs back, onto a tree. As I climbed up it, the dog bite my tail and swung me to the other side of the yard. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty.” He growled at me. I scrambled to my feet and jumped over the dog and ran as fast as I could for that tree again. Though, he was right behind me so I turned around and clawed him across the face. He yiped and was stun for a moment, giving me enough time to climb up the tree and leap over the fense.

Bully the bull dog never barked at a cat again after that day he attacked those kittens and was scratched across the face by me. I must admit though, that was very daring and it took the life out of me just to pull a crazy stunt like that. I lost my third life that way.

Chapter four

It was a year later and I had become known as the curious cat in town. Though, curiosity did me lots of good too. There was times when I let my curious self lead me into great deeds. Like saving a kitten or even nearly getting my head chop off. But there was also times where my curosity lead me into my doom…

I remember one afternoon, I was taking a walk thorugh the alleys. My favorite thing to do was to jump from fense to fense. Well, one time I was jumping like I usually do and got lost into deep thought, and jumped over a fense. I landed in deep, cold water. Not knowing how to swim, I thought it was the end of me. Until a man pulled me out and carried me into his house. He dried me up and gave me some milk. I drank the milk and just as I was getting comfortable, he grabed my neck and shoved me into a cage. I knew exactly where I was going… the pound.

The pound is a nightmare for every wild animal. You get caged up and fed some kind of junk. The place smelled like old socks that was never cleaned. It was dark and cold. The floor was hard, cold cement and the cages themselves was steel and always locked up. I hated this place, my worse fear was coming here and spending the rest of my life here.

The people took me to the back room with lots of other caged cats. They stuffed me into a cage and slammed me in. There was no way of an escape and I bet if I tried to escape, those humans will have me put to sleep faster then you can say ‘I love meow mix.’ So, with my hopes down and nothing to do, I layed down and fell fast asleep. During my nap, I heard that same cry, but this time it sounded more hurtful. I woke up and decided that I jhad to get out of here and find that girl. Whoever it was, she needed someone to comfort her. I was going to meet her even if I died trying.

Standing up, I walked to the door of my cage. Sticking my paw out, I try to lift up the lever that kept my door locked. After moments of tiredsom concentration, I finaly unlocked my compartment. I jump to the hard floor and start to walk out of the room. The door knob was too high for me to reach so, I hide away for a little while, waiting for someone to walk in. After about half an hour of waiting, the guard walked in carring the food dish and I slip through the open door. Walking past the watchman, I managed to find my way out of this nightmare.

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Chapter one is good, second could use some more description. In chapter three, in the first paragraph, you’re leaping a bit in time from “sometimes at night” to “my thoughts was (should be “were”) soon…” - that could use another look. There’s also room for some more descriptions like how the bitten tail hurt and how scared she was.
In the fourth chapter, look at the present and past tense.
Chapter 3 and 4 have some misspellings too, but the first two are good. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll post the rest in a little while. Thanks

No problem :slight_smile:

Chapter five

After a close call, I made it out of the pound safely. Walking around, I noticed what my surrounds was. Cars, tall buildings and busy, angry people. I was downtown! This place was said to have the toughest street cats in the city. I was in trouble, but deep down I knew nothing would stop me from reaching that girl. I didn’t know why but I felt as though she was close. So, I started my journey to find the girl who was in need of care.

The streets was packed with rushing cars and I had no idea where to go, so I fleed to the alley. I was walking through the dirty back street when three cats jumped me from behind. The middle cat was black and had an ear missing, the left cat next to him was a old, orange tabby. The right feline was an old grey tabby, all were males. The three of them circled around me, watching me as I looked at each of them. ‘One on your left, another on your right and one right behind you… not good on your part…’ Was my exact thoughts as I eyed them carefully, waiting for they’re first move. They were growling under their breath, laughing at me. I had no escape plan and there was no chance of me getting away with peace, or least I was going to end up in pieces. I moved my shoulders awardly as they stopped, I was ready for the fight even though I wasn’t ready for them.

Just as the left cat hissed, the cat behind me jumped into the air and the cat on the right ran straight for me. I don’t remember much of that fight, but I do remember escaping with a hurt leg and lots of bites all across my back. That battle, was the hardest fight I’ve ever been in, I think it would be right to say that that coast me my fifth life.

After about a week, my deep wounds was bascily healed and my leg was better. I had gotten to know the neighborhood a little better and took a new turn. Woundering down a dirt, rocky like alley, I found a large, very open backyard of a peach colored house. My first thoughts was what a weird house it was but was soon set aside when I saw a black cat looking at me with his emarbled green eyes. A little startled, I stopped dead in my tracks and waited for him to make a move. The old, black cat just stared at me and half-heartedly smiled. After a moment, he started to walk to the front yard. Curious of why he didn’t attack me, I followed. When I turned around the cornor, I saw him half asleep in a wooden chair with a small black cat next to him on the ground. The small kitten looked at me and motioned for me to come and talk. I stepped up the steps and walked to him.
That kitten explained everything to me. He told me that a family of five lived in this house. A mommy, a daddy, a son, and two girls. The kid also told me that in this alley, you had nothing to worry about because everyone was your friend. His name was Ashitoka and the big black cat was his father, Urbine. After a long talk with the kitten, I decided to sleep somewhere in the backyard when I was greeted by an old white cat. He smiled warmly and walked off. I never saw him much but from what I heard of him, he was once a great cat, til the age and fights broke him. Now days, he just watches everyone.

After a couple of days, I had gotten to know everyone, the black and white cat was Ashitoka’s sister, Sune. The Big black and white cat was their mother, Moon. Any other cat you met was either a by passer or just an indoor/outdoor animal. But, I spent most of my time in that backyard of the peach colored house.One evening, I was taking a short nap in the middle when I heard human footsteps. A little alarmed, I pointed my ears in the direction of the sound, it was coming from the driveway. When I looked up, I saw a girl, teenager probably, looking at me with a small smile on her face. She didn’t look much different for a human girl. Brown hair, glasses, torn jeans and a white shirt, I wasn’t impressed by her looks. I flitched a little when she bent down on one knee and held out a hand. She smiled and said ‘here kitty, kitty, kitty.’ ‘Please. You think that’ll work?’ I thought as she said it three more times. I rolled my eyes and just stared at her. She let out a chuckle and asked me my name! A human asking what I wanted to be called!? She laughed again and stode up. “Alright, I’ll call you Misty. Is that all right?” I meowed and strolled over to her. hey, I liked her already. Not bad of a name either. That girl softly rubbed her hand against my back and smiled. She said good night to me and walked off. I watched, a little disappointed, as she went off.

Her hand was smooth but strange. I felt as though she was deeply sad and needed someone to be there for her. To comfort her when she’s hurt or to annoy her when she was bored. I had the urge to be in her arms at night. the strange thing was, was that I think she is the cring girl. One who was searching for something in the world. I went to bed that night deciding that I would adopt her. I had to get closer to her some how…

Chapter six

She started to come out and play with us. Us as in Urban, Ashitoka, and I, and she grew very attached to me.Her family like to sit out on the poarch during the summer evenings. Uraban and I would sit with them and keep the family company.I remember several questions asked by her, one was always “can we keep her?” But the answer was always, “I wish we could, but we already have three cats…”

I was three years old and I was allowed to explore their house. But, the girls parents would only let me stay in for a couple of minutes. I was determinded to stay in her house for good. As the summer season began to fall into the fall season, the family once sat outside and the girl said, “she’s staying in during the winter… I’ll keep her in my bedroom if I have to.” As far as I could tell, she was determinded to keep me as well.

My sixth life was on a fall, school morning when the two sisters were walking to school. Being who I was, I wanted to follow them. They were half way to school when they finally noticed me. the older sister, my best friend, smiled and picked me up and held me close to her as the cars passed by. She and her sister walked all the way back home just to take me back. then, they started their way back to school. I was following them again. Same spot where they noticed me again, they looked at me and said, “you can’t come to school with us Misty. Go back home.” After that, the two girls continued their way. I turned around and noticed I was lost. looking down the street, not remembering which way to go, I took the wrong turn and found a different street.

While I was lost, I found many different looking houses with prefectly kept lawns. Walking past them and wandering into the backyards and allies, I spent a week tring to find my way back home. A little snow was on the ground, more like ice flakes actually, when she scooped me up into her warm arms. I found her. I felt better now that I was reunited with my true owner.I love her, I never wanted to be apart from that girl again. Being lost and away from her broke my heart. I can’t believe I lost myself.

Chapter seven

When winter came, I was allowed to stay ion my new masters house. I met three other cats. The eight year old female was a dark caleco cat. She was a nice cat but could be viloent when she wanted to be, but on the other hand, she was a very wise female. The seven year old, fat, orange tabby was named Tigger. He was a spolied male who didn’t even show the slightest bit of interests in me. He alwaysed hissed at me for some reason. Was it my lavender fur coat? Or my crooked tail? That I will never understand. The youngest was a grey, fat, tabby named Tiger. He had some curiosity just like me. What a strange fellow I tell you.

My favorite hobby was jumping on the counters, but the parents didn’t like their cats jumping on the counter tops and threw you off and yellled at you. I also had a habit of eating the human food. The bread had a nice taste to it though, but the human’s were getting angry at me about that as well. Well fine! Our food is better anyway! Was my excuse. But, human food eating pussy cats was not what parents want around the house. Just as my master started to put away all food and dishes before bed time, her mom and dad threw me out of the house.

The girl was heart broken when I was kicked back outside. But even on the coldest of dyas she came out and held me in her coat. One night, she even brought out a sleeping bag and sat on it with me til she had to go in. Only on cold snowy days was I allowed into their house.

One snowy day, I was in her home when I walked into her bedroom. She was sitting on the floor looking at pictures. I rubbed my forehead against her elbow and she wraped an arm around me and started to tell me what happened in each picture. My favorite one was when she was little. We sat ther for hours.

When Spring time had come, the family was moving and I had barely ever seen the girl around. But the last time I did see her was when I was in the back yard. She was walking up the driveway and saw me. My master didn’t come any closer to me. I watched her as she smiled softly and said “good bye, and thank you.” That was the last time I ever saw her.

A month after they moved, I returned to that old, peach colored house. I walked up the steps of the poarch and saw Urban sitting there. He looked at me as I sat next to him. “Hello Misty… haven’t seen you in a while…” he said to me.

“Sorry, I’ve been busy here lately. Did she tell you anything?” I asked him. I knew I was probably never going to see her again.

“Just sorry and good bye. Why she was sorry I have no idea.” Urban answered. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Why would she be sorry? It didn’t make much sense but I knew she was probably happier now. I will never see her again. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll see her one last time… Some day…