Ok, so, question...

Yeah, congratulations on your recovery.

Congrats. Happy to hear you’re ok.

Now watch, he’ll drive 5 feet out of his driveway and hit a truck… again. :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome back sorc

And then there’s me, your local pepsi ninja! :smiley:
Yay for sorc being recovered. And now watch out for those damned metal thingies on four wheels. They’re bad.

Watch out for cars. And don’t lick feet, they taste bad from what I’ve heard.

Thanks. I’m also graduating in a week or so :slight_smile:
I’m doing pretty good as far as the driving is concerned. I almost got into an accident but that’s because I was racing this chick and some stupid driver pulled out over 3 lanes to get in front of me.

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hahahah you just recovered and you’re already racing. that’s great.

Depends on what you like. most girls won’t lick feet, especially since we males are endowed with ugly man feet. I don’t lick feet, but I have been known to suck toes. some girls like getting their toes sucked.

Anyways, Congrats, Sorc.

I liked my boyfriends foot once on a dare and got $10. It was worth it, I made him wash his foot first.

gross.toes are gross

what happened to you Sorc? I completely missed that whole thing apparently.

I think a truck, driven by Mr. T and Batman wrestling for control over the wheel, hit him, but I could be wrong

Really? I heard it was Superman, Captain America and George W. Bush in a military tank. :smiley: