Ok, so, question...

Since I got my car, and got the fuck out of bed (which, by the way for those interested I am fully healed, 100% all better), I haven’t exactly been on the computer very much. So I come back, while doing a research paper, and I see all these …girls… with their pictures as their avatars.

I’m not complaining, I’m just curious…

Who the hell are you people? And why is that one chick licking her foot?

That’s Steve’s girlfriend. She’s kinda different.

She wouldn’t cyber-fuck me when I solicited her on IRC. Yeah, she’s a nutbag.

Ramza, she’s not my girlfriend.
Hades, you’re a complete dickhead. I hope you get ditched at prom by your date, and end up whining on IRC or here.

Sorc: it’s not her foot, and she never actually licked it :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s not his girlfriend cause steve is gay remember.

Just kidding steve, calm your monkey ass down.

‘It’s just not a good day to be an asshole’ is all I’m sayin.

It’s always a good day to be an asshole. ALWAYS. Especially at funerals and pope-funerals and…other assorted funerals.

Fucketh! Burned by Steve :frowning:

Wow, I haven’t seen that sig in a long time :o

Well wait, if it’s not a foot, then what the hell is it? Sure looks like a foot to me…

Nono… it’s a foot. It’s just not hers. And, according to her, she never licked it.

I photo shopped that pic, and it aint a foot she’s licking

After this thread about Steve’s female friend gets closed, someone should make another thread about Steve’s female friend.

I say you go ahead and get ahead of the game and start it now.

Only if you promise to make an awesome post in it

Depends on how awesome of a thread it is.

Ok, so whose the other chick?

Liadan is who I guess you’re talking about.
She’s a poster who just kinda left, I guess. She came back and whatnot, and there you have it.

But yeah Steve is like my lover and her lover at the same time. It’s funky

In other news, I’m glad you’ve recovered fully Sorc! :smiley:

I’m glad I turned avatars off.