Ok, really late int the game to ask, but torrents...

What’s a good, safe downloader for them?

Or what would you recommend?

(Yeah, 4+ years late on getting around to this…)

get Utorrent thats what i use and it works fine, i would advise against limewire.

uTorrent all the way. Small, fast, efficient, won’t drain your resources, and has all the features you need.

Thirded on uTorrent, very smooth, good interface, has the tools to get your pirating done.


Fourthed on uTorrent. LimeWire eats up resources and it’s kinda stupid to use now.

I haven’t tried anything else, mind you, but I use uTorrent and have never had any issues with it.

Why not recommend Limewire? I use limewire for getting individual songs, and I have never had an issue.

But definitely Utorrent. Utorrent has always been great for me.

I’ve always used BitTornado, but now I’m going to have to check out this uTorrent thing.

I used to use BitTornado… GAH. It slowed my computer down like molasses, and (when I used it) opened up a separate window for each Torrent. uTorrent is so much nicer. <3

Utorrent lets you have several going all in one ‘page’ instead of opening several windows. And you can customize which ones are high priority so they get downloaded faster, or give them unlimited bandwith so they are going as fast as possible.

I use BitLord

uTorent here as well. No complaints, though since I get a lot of stuff from BlackCats (Want an invite BTW? I’ve got like five), I’d have to use this or Azureus anyway.

I’ve been looking for something with a stronger protocol encryption though, to see if I can get around the blatant ripoff block my ISP has with P2P protocols.

I like utorrent because of its simplicity. You click a torrent, select its contents, then press ok. There are other options pertaining to bandwidth but once you set those you never have to worry about it again.

Eleventhing (or something) μTorrent.

Have used two or three other torrent progams before, but μTorrent is the best so far.

Indeed Utorrent is the best.

I do use Soulseek for p2p also. I feel like a find a lot of harder to find music on there.

I just used µTorrent last night, and OMG I love it. I’m so glad I uninstalled BitTornado.

So pretty much go for ЉTorrent. oh, wrong symbol…