OK........ Funny and weird. (for Ren and Nulani)

Where the hell did you two ( i say two, read below) get the fat man picture thats on the welcome/hi thread for Trinity?


That is the funnyest but sickest thing i have ever seen.

I know Ren posted it, but its on Nulani’s site.


I’ve been wondering too.

Ren just hosted the image in Nulani’s site.

Man, that image has been floating around the INTARWEB for years, how could you not have noticed it till now?

The Upload Script.
He uploaded it with my Upload Script; it’s hardly a part of my webpage. No more than the FinalFantasy Compendium or Onlife Life is a part of RPGClassics anyway.

What Urkani said. I found it in a friend’s site.

On a related note,


Wow. Thats so old it has a dial-in number. I wonder what happens if you call those now?