Does anyone use oink here?
What do you think about it? Wanna send a nobody an invite go ahead theholytape@gmail.com

So what does everybody think of oink?

oink introduced me to j-core, hime trance, and noise…so yes, OiNK fucking owns. I have a feeling this thread will be closed, however.

I wish i could hook you up with an invite, but i don’t have any D: Steve might though.

So, uh, what the crap is oink?

Oink is a torrent site that has pretty much everything that you’ll probably ever need to look for.

Okay, and to make this discussable, let’s discuss torrents and stuff.

Or maybe someone can help me with this problem, sometimes when using utorrent my connection goes out and i need to go unplug and replug the router. This happens occasionally, but when I torrent it seems to happen very often. Any suggestions? I use Verizon DSL if that matters.

edit: What type of noise are you into? Merzbow and such or more like noise rock (locust or an albatross), just wondering

Noise is intense!! I don’t listen to much recorded noise, but I’ve seen quite a few live local noise shows. Holy shit, that music can make your whole vision vibrate from the harsh frequencies.

oh… and uh torrents. Yeah, torrents are cool.

You can discuss whatever you want as long as no one actually requests warez.

“Noise”? “OiNK”?

I’m confused. “Hime Trance”?

The only “noise” I like is motherfucking Metal.

An Albatross is cool, but thats not the genre i meant, thats too rock-y for me…i like Boris, MOE, and Gerogerigegege.

Noise music is like a really really deep form of electronica. Its art music, really. Check out the band whitehouse, if you want to see the origins of the genre. The artists i mentioned above are also worth checking out to see what it is. OiNK is a private music tracker with really rare albums on it.

Noise!!! And here I thought I was a weirdo for liking that. :smiley:

What amazes me is that the concept of Noise music was brought up in 1913, but didn’t really take off until much later. Interesting stuff.

Telling someone to check out Boris isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even d/l ing the stuff takes a while and listening to it… well. I like their most psych stuff.

Ahmen to that! \m/

That’s one way of putting it. Noise is pretty much exactly what it’s called: noise. To the casual music listener, it probably doesn’t sound like music at all. But it’s pretty interesting music. It’s very chaotic with subtle rhythms and beats under all the static, abbrasive textural sounds and low to high frequencies.

Boris is pretty cool, but the stuff I’ve heard isn’t what I would call noise… they have drone songs, and then they have these weird motorhead riff jam songs.