hey hey hey. I was actually no this board about a year ago. Under the name Zenoah Silverbolt. mmhm. not that any of you shit heads would care to remember. Or you just came here after my reign had ended.

SO! I thought I’d re-introduce myself.
I’m Spyke. Or Zeno. Whatever. And yeah. here I am. fear me.

Mr. Shatner is glad you are back

Mr. Spock finds it illogical, however.

Sean Connery is to busy shagging your mother to care (Ho ho ho!)

Yugi is shocked at your return and says it’s the Heart of the Cards that brought you back.

And me?

I like the sauce.
drinks a martini

I don’t remember you, but if you were here before, you’ve read the rules. Coming in with this sort of attitude isn’t going to get you very far quickly. Cool it, you’re warned.

Sweet jesus Giza, don’t post huge pictures like that. It almost killed my computer.

FUCK! It almost killed me!