Oi, You! Yeah, I'm comin' to getcha!

I’m totally thinking of having a bit of an overseas Holiday. Thinkin’ I might head over to America mayhaps and shizzle. Thinkin’ I might as well see some peoples I know and stuffles.

Before I decide on America though, I’d like to know who I’d have a chance of seeing and stuff. So yes, Anyone interested in Meeting your friendly Chatroom Rudaroo, let us know and shizzle.

The when is undecided. The where of America will be decided on the number of people and shizzle.

Edit edit:
At a quick glance at the <a href=“http://frappr.com/rpgc”>map</a>, I think I might start on the east coast somewhere, head north somewhere, detour into Canada and then head to the West Side, yo.

When you come to America, watch out for the drop bears.

984, my friend, Drop Bears can only be found in Australia. nub. :stuck_out_tongue:

They can be found in American zoos.

Ruda… I love you :slight_smile:

You know you’re welcome here.

If you happen to swing by Florida (ha) I might be able to put you up. So long as you don’t watch me sleep like last time. >:O

You can come to Canada if you promise to never say “shizzle” again. :slight_smile:


seriously though man, stop by. I’d be glad to hang with you if I had enough warning.

Well, Young Steven, The aim was to come see you and Jenna fairly early in the trip. And this pretty much IS the warning. <_<

I’d need some sort of timeframe bubba.
Like, an actual set of dates. Also try to bring a laptop or something with you if you have one. I forsee many a game being played.

Hmm. Set of dates? To be confirmed. As to the laptop… well, the one I’ve got is used pretty much for reading PDFs when I wanna be in bed. It’s a little 500MHz crap bucket. I might pick up a new one while I’m overthere, however.

I don’t live in SE-PA anymore, i’m closer to reading now (read: central), but if you ever go to SE-PA or NJ to see vorpy or curtis or whoever else lives down here, i’d make the trip down to hang out with you too :3

Are you coming to NEBRASKA?

Reading’s not that central. Harrisburg is central. Reading is only like an hour/hour and a half from Philly. Or do we just consider everything that isn’t Philly or Pittsburgh, central?

Calm down darling, its just geography.

As long as it keeps you away from Europe. Have a fun time in America.

I live about 20 mins from Philadelphia if youre in the area. Though, why you would want to hang out with me, I’m not sure.

I’ll hang out with anyone that’s willing. :stuck_out_tongue:

<font size=-2>Except Setz.</font>

Uh, Yay?

Didn’t I talk to you on the phone once?