That’s awesome. Got anymore pictures of that? (the giant squid)

Oh look a mug shot of Kraken.

On a related note, scorpions are the greatest creepy-crawlies ever.

:moogle: Agreed.

And boy was I drunk, let me tell ya. Eyes all bloodshot, pale, couldn’t even stand up straight. That lady there was trying to take my pulse.

This is my best one in my HD ->

It was caugth in Japan, I think in Kyoto. I was told when they took the picture it was still dying.

In my gmail account I have a picture of what would be a live giant squid in the depths of the ocean, though I can’t tell if it’s forged. I also used to have a pic of a squid eating what looks like a shark, but there’s no telling it was an architeutis (the ones who reach up to 60 ft. long) or a small squid eating a small shark (there are sharks shorter than a foot).

There are many articles in the internet saying that nobody’s ever taken pictures or filmed giant squids alive. But (relatively) recently a guy named Steve O’Shea caught a few babies. The first group died before reaching port, and the last time I saw he was successfully keeping the beasts alive untill they were four weeks old.