Man finds bigass centipede.

That things givin’ me the jibblies, it is.

There are beats of those species in the rain forest. Thanks God I live hundreds of miles away from there.

BTW, the madn said he expected to find a rodent… That thing eats rodents.

For more info: http://library.thinkquest.org/C007974/2_4scol.htm

We have a species of spider that’s even more badass than that centipede. Some years ago one of them was found in a crate loaded with bananas that went to UK. In English they’re called wandering spiders or banana spiders (due to the fact that they enjoy traveling to other countries in banana crates), in local idiom they are called assembler or armer spider.


The site says you could die from a bite, but that’s only if you’re allergic (rare) or your immunse system is down. You’d most likely be bedridden for a fortnight.

This is why you don’t travel away from the frozen norths were terrible poisonous bugs the size of a CAT can not live, thankfully.

Just. Ew. Gross. I shuddered when I saw the image. Seriously, why would anyone want to travel if you had to encounter something like that?


They are extremely rare encounters, unless you go to those ends of the world deep into forests where little traces of civilization exist. And you can find venomous animals up there in the north, they are just less frequently found.

BTW… From here on the tropics to a long way up north these things keep in the forest. Up to the frozen norths, however, they’ll look for warm places, which usually equals poeple’s homes.

I’ll admit it, I’m a wuss. I fucking hate giant ass insects, hell, insects in general.

Oh god. I should not have looked at that.

You and me both, dude.


I’ve had a giant black spider the size of my hand in my house before.Any bug bigger than your hand should not be classified as a bug. They’re radioactive mutants.

Gah! that thing is almost as freaky as that camel spider!

:moogle: Oh thanks alot Cait! Now I have think about Camel spiders again. shudders

God I hate you guys.

My mom and sister both turn to me for dealing with abnormally large insects.

napalm…lots and lots of napalm…

jesus christ I thought it was bigger.That looks normal to me.Aw, I thougt it was like at least a foot and a half or something…dissapointing

:moogle: Were sorry. T_T

That’s nice, but it isn’t an insect. They’re myriapods.

While I’m not the biggest fan of centipedes, I don’t hate them, and I’d love to see one that big in real life. I’d probably jump if it wasn’t in a terranium though!

Oooo, those are neat. I love arachnids ( except ticks, which actually are dangerous and creepy ) and myriapods.

Well, I think it’s a foot and a third long.

I was expecting it to be bigger, too. Like, one of those giant undersea pill bugs. On a related note, scorpions are the greatest creepy-crawlies ever.

Scorpions are cool, they even have their own zodiacal signs. Now, can centipedes do that?

BTW, speaking of BIG invertebrates; Giant Squid ->