Oh Yoshi, that's the spot!


Hot girl-on-bot action.

Cheap laughs abound!

Lucca is such a slut.

Here’s the full thing.

The DQ one is still my favorite.

Though some might say the Moonwalker one wasn’t completely accidental.

I knew about the Lineage 2 one heh


Fuck Lucca, Pikachu, Princess, and Yoshi are the true sluts.

And I like the first WoW one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are these work safe?

They’re just suggestive screen captures, CH.

haha what a question to ask on this forum.

Gah. Not those again!


Already been posted, but still

They left out the well known Hydra + Dancer screenshot :stuck_out_tongue: (RO)

Wasn’t this Something Awful’s “Awful Link of the Day” a while ago?

Yes, when I posted it the first time.

I wanna know how the hell I missed this the first time? Must have been really drunk.
They left out a whole shitload of N64 “WWE No Mercy” Screencaptures(e.g. Hollywood Hogan’s back grapple special, which I believe is supposed to be some sort of armbar, but looks kinda backdoorish). And how could a video game site dedicated to accidental VG pr0n leave out the most accidental pr0n-ish thing ever to grace our TV screens/monitors, the Jumping Humpers from the NES Castlevania games? I could send these guys a few screenies(e.g. Arche’s conversation with Mint in the DeJap ToP)

Those, if you’ll excuse the pun, are fucked up.

i agree, that is so gay