Oh yeah!

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Your BROTHER is in charge of what games you can and cannot buy? I’m not going to even begin to unravel that.

He’s the one who drives. He’s also older than me, so he usually wins the arguments in the house (Between him and me.). Mom and Dad don’t really want to dive into the arguments.

I don’t know, its weird, Final Fantasy doesn’t apeal to me at all anymore (cept the tactics game). When I heard about X-2 I didn’t hate the idea, I just didn’t care much either.

I’ll ask for it for Christmas … because the Humor demands it!

Probably. It’s not on my must buy list, but I’ll rent it and see how I like it. If I do like it, I may get it during the holidays.

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I won’t, mostly because I don’t own a PS2. But also because I would buy Final Fantasy XI first, which would make be broke.

It’s on my X-mas list.

I have it reserved, so yeah.

And I’m REALLY looking forth to play a NEW PS2 game. The last one I played was Xenosaga. (Since then, I’ve played FF Tactics Advance, a Gameboy game, and somewhat of a letdown, and FF7, great game but I had already played it before.) Thought SOMETHING tells me this one might not be as good as FFX… but who knows, Square may surprise us.

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Sure thing! Just give me $99 for the PS2, about $60 for the game and…oh, let’s see…$200 or whatever TV’s are and yeah I’ll get it!

PS2’s ARE $99 NOW?

…i still have to bum off of friends to play any PS2 games…