Oh those Pirates.

Them and their ways.

So yeah. Thoughts on the fact that pirates roam the seas (well, one sea) again? My first thought was mainly “WTF?”

I seen where they captured that big oil tanker. How the hell did they get up that thing? It’s at least 30 ft up to the deck from their little speedboats. Ironically, they can’t do much with that oil other than post a ransom for it. But, Somalia is supposed to be a pirate haven according to what I’ve read. But if that’s the case, why don’t we raid the damn place?

Also, there’s always been pirates. You just don’t really hear about them until they make the news. There’s still pirates in the Caribbean, for example. (lol)

Hahaha! I read something about this that said there’s basically squat anybody can do about it(it being the problem of pirates off the coast of Somalia).

Arrr. Gimme yer oil.

Well, at least this’ll help mitigate global warming. Or so says my church.

I told UGA pirates were a bigger threat than ninjas. Did they listen to me? No. They just continued arresting ninjas.

Like… pirates? Some countries have sent war ships to the area (Greece, Russia and two others IIRC), but no large-scale operation has been agreed upon. After all their base is a whole semi-independent area and the last UN troops sent to Somalia got their asses kicked. Also, Somalia is a total mess.

On a more light-hearted note, the Somali pirates are young guys with cars and suits bought from the spoils, they are employing a cadre of computer people to locate ships etc. and there have been built new restaurants and shops for the captured sailors to spend their time until they are ransomed.

Originally Posted by The 984
I told UGA pirates were a bigger threat than ninjas. Did they listen to me? No. They just continued arresting ninjas.

If those guys have some left over ninjas to spare then we could just set the two groups against each other and hope that they don’t join forces and launch an attack that would bring the world to it’s knees.

That or we could just send this guy instead.


The fact that there are still pirates around shouldn’t be news. Elemental forces aren’t the only dangers in traveling by sea.

The pirate gathering has begun:

NPC in a seaside town?

Like a pirate (or Viking?), I’m now swinging onto this sweet-water vessel of a thread to talk about Ancient Obliteration. You get old-school black metal, alright! Especially the rhythm section carries the songs, it has that essential quality of BM melody and the cheap sound works well there. If you ever decide to quit the Darkthrone style of recording, make the singer (not his voice, of course) sound clearer; he sounds as if he can carry the songs.

You should just have more focused soloing. For instance, the Witching Hour solo carries the song forward, while Shogun gets an unconnected to the rest of the song rock solo -unless you mean to go Opeth; then play more!- and the s/t solo meanders at the end. Are you the guitarist? My favorite example of solo-song connection is Behind These Walls from King Diamond’s The Eye where you can see how the second guitarist’s solo holds the song back while Andy LaRoque expands on it.

Enjoy the gig tonight.

BRRRR need to get weirder.

It’s not that there are pirates that is surprising - it’s their ambition. I mean, seriously. They are getting damn ambitious.

Hey thanks for noticing. More focused soloing eh? I’ll have to check out your example. We’re still finding our song writing direction, so it’s understandable if some of our stuff sounds a bit contrived.

Old school black metal? Nice! I haven’t heard that yet. Others have said we sound like thrash metal, and death metal. One of our guitarists left because he thinks we sound too avant garde even.
I play bass and do vocals actually, but I started out on guitar in the band. I’d like to get a clearer recording for our next demo, which should be sooner than later hopefully.

We actually have a demo out on tape as well as a live album. If you want I could mail you a couple copies to Greece (who knows the shipping on that hah). I’m always happy to spread the music. Send me a PM if you’re interested. And obviously my band is a better topic than pirates. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha at the guitarist who left. Yeah, I had the vague impression you were playing the guitar. I’ll send you a couple of examples of what I was talking about when I find the time.