Oh the questions they ask.

I’m applying to be an LA County Sheriff and I took the written test. However, before I even took the test, they had us fill-out a long ass questionaire. God damn. I told them everything (I don’t really have any blemishes on my record), but it is just amazing. They ask the smallest things. They have like 3 pages of drugs, I just skimmed through it since I haven’t done any and didn’t even know what most of them were. I passed the written test though, which was nice (it was basically a confusing English test). It is pretty exciting going through the process. I was actually worried about the test since I’ve heard it is difficult, but I passed it on my first try.

Did you give them your E-mail? If you did at least expect some spam because that usually happens when you give your E-mail out to, well, anywhere. I gave my E-mail out when I took the SATs and I’m STILL getting E-mails from the Alabama Agricultural and Farming University (and no, I’m not there :P).

I can totally picture Info filling in a page full of masturbation-related questions.

OMG you too?? I still get emails from Longwood University…but more than that, the SAT signed me up for Buy.com and WebMD.com mailing lists. What the fuck? I was astounded when spam started rolling in…one would think the collegeboard would have some fucking morals.

You would? You’re obviously not nearly cynical enough.

This disturbs me.

You should have checked their Privacy Policy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So you got the job? In any case, congrats on passing the test. :cool:

I haven’t got the job yet, but I passed the initial part (the written test). I still have to do an oral interview, a background check, a polygraph test, and physical. Thank you though.

The problem is the way e-mail addresses are designed. The college board could have passed your e-mail along to various colleges (as I am guessing you gave them permission to do) and then some jerk in a college’s recruiting department could have sold some addresses they got access to to a third party. There is no way to tell where they got the address from and therefore no accountability in the system.

I propose an alternative e-mail system where e-mail providers also provide secure keys upon request which you in turn provide to people along with your e-mail address. The owner of that key then registers themself before you will receive e-mail associated with that key. The sender can in turn request keys to be attached to your address, and stored with that key will be the chain of possession through which the address was transferred. If your address with an accompanying key is leaked to a spammer, the source of the leak can then be traced. The system should be designed with safeguards to try to protect against key guessing, and the key generation system should be separated from the e-mail system to better control access to key generation (so a small isp could provide e-mail servers but might connect to another authority’s key generation server instead of running their own key server).

Why do you want to see Info providing pages of information on his masturbatory habits?

I did this last year, it was a months long process with every test imaginable.

I just pictured CH reading a Kinsey Report like collection of tests having Info as a test subject.