I haven’t been around much for a while and that is about to change.
Now I won’t be around at all.
Because I just got into THE EUROPEAN WOW BETA!

This is quite literally a dream come true. I’ve been a WarCraft fan since WarCraft 2: Tides of Darkness (and since I got the deluxe box you could cound Beyond the Dark Portal too).
Shortly after that I got my hands on Warcraft: Orcs and Humans.
And I’ve of course played WC3 and TFT…

And now I’m a WoW Beta Tester! XD

Anyway… Was just going to say that if you would ever need to tell me someting, send me an ordinary email (not a PM) since I won’t be around at all for some time now.
So see ya in a few months or so.
sits and drools at the downloader Mmmm… Almost 1% finished… drool

Oh, and you should have seen my (not-just-slightly WoW obsessed) friend’s reaction when I told him that I had gotten into the WoW beta.
Priceless! XD

You lucky bastard. Well done.

Oh my dear Jesus.
Another turned to evil.
Will it ever stop?

Have fun playing a bad MMO <_<

Congrats. Parade to honor your strife in the name of Kim Jong II.

That game is boring
I wouldn’t buy it ever
A waste of money

Jesus fucking christ
Learn, post on the right forums
You bloody retard

And stop talking in
These goddamn motherfucking
Haikus, bitches! Damn :stuck_out_tongue:

You are just jealous
That my haikus work so well.
Fear the coming end.

Don’t be defensive :stuck_out_tongue:
I wasn’t even talking
about your Haikus :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just kidding
'Felt like poking you around
'Love writing haikus

Haikus can be cool
I just find them, well, easy
Easy as Cake, man :smiley: