Oh Snap, this kid is crazy.

Some eight year old five starring Hanger 18 on expert for Guitar Hero 2. Really, is the kid really that good naturally? My theory is his dad simply said “Son, every night you can’t five-star this song, you don’t get to eat.”

That was Hangar 18? The kid’s got style.

That’s actually Psychobilly Freakout, which is probably more impressive.

Oops. There’s another one of him playing hanger 18. I had both windows open and copy-pasted.

I’m too young to be senile (yet). In other news I took up my guitar after some time to play the Super Mario rpg forest maze song and (sigh) the FFVII boss battle theme. Fucking impulses.

I’ve seen that video before. It makes me jealous, lol.

If it is real, which i see no reason why it is not. Then he should learn how to play a real guitar lol. if he can really move his fingers that quickly, then he could be really good if he would take the time.

The kid failed at throwing up the horns.

You don’t throw up the horns for Psychobilly. Rockabilly maybe.

I wanna see the little cunt do Before I Forget or Raining Blood.
He will be bleeding.

Ahhhhhhh…Raining Blood. Only song on Expert yet to be completed for Career. Dragon Force on Expert, however: “Failed, 1% completed.” YAY!!!

I saw someone throw up the horns after a band covered Jessie’s Girl. Yeah.

UT fans or satanists? Dun-DUNN!Hello, strangers! We welcome you to earth!

No. Go back to Duane Eddy, do not pass Reverend Horton Heat, do not collect Necromantix.

RHH rocks.

Speaking from personal experience, my hand takes slightly different forms when throwing up the horns or signalling “Hook 'Em Horns.” In the metal horns, my middle and ring finger are pressed flatter against the hand than they are in Hook 'Em Horns, which tends to be more out there, creating a circle if viewed sideways. Ah the wonders of the subconscious.

Rigamarole wins the thread for posting a link which contains DIO, who is on the same illuminati team as Bush and Achminijad. And, evidently, Rick Springfield. Being in love with Jessie’s girl is kinda coveting thy neighbour’s wife, so I buy it.

All that link proved to me, really, was that Putin is as metal as I always knew he was deep down.

They even failed to mention that the logo of DIO in reverse reads evil. Perhaps I’ll have to send them an e-mail together with 984’s observations. Also Putin is pretty hardcore. Must have been the KGB.

A real guitar is a wildly different beast than a six-button two-foot plastic toy. I play both, and GH is a joke and a half compared to the real thing, even on expert.

That’s the reason no one made a “Piano Hero.” You can’t simulate it to make it easier…that and nobody would buy it.

You wouldn’t have to simulate it to make it easier. Piano’s one of the easiest instruments out there. Which is why you get 5 year old piano “prodigies” on the Tonight Show impressing people with half-assed versions of songs that aren’t really too impressive to begin with.