Oh shit! Lions with swim skill!

Super lions fight on!

This is kinda cool, actually.

Yep, cool.

Evolutionary discussion number 17.

Damn that actually is pretty cool. Though evolution is defined as a species taken as a group changing over time(an assload of generations. Not f*ng two.). This is more of an example of how smart they can really be, and how strong they really are.

Entire species don’t change over time. Subsets of a species outlive and outreproduce others.

Subsets of species dont change over time. The genetically advantaged outlive the others and reproduce.

edit: (is your existance just for nitpicking at everything everyone says? You must be a riot at partys.)

use sophisticated hunting techniques and then silence the gigantic beast with a single swipe of a savage paw.

They’re ninja lions!

Seriously, this is amazing to see the amount of learning all sides are doing. It’s like watching Darwin’s finches. Only with more blood.

Also, quite a few generations earlier than him.

= greater commercial success!


… um, WTF, Tril. My entire train of thought got derailed by that.

LOL! Did you draw that yourself Tril, or is that from a mangá (and which)?

And I’m waiting for the lions that kill elephants. Now those will be the kings of the hill.

That page is a photoshop that people keep using,is a horror manga were that character opens the door and sees a shark in his bathroom.

I found it on encyclopedia dramatica under ‘Lion’. :biggrin:

Yeah, lion get in car rawr is a 4chan meme.

So, lions >:3 … what’s <=:3 then?

A rocket flying, or a rabbit being pulled by the ears. Or something that would cause a certain housewife laugh her head off, much to the dislike of her poor husband who let that one pass on to the press (a Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook reference)

In a related story, lions just moved up on the badass scale, uncovering previously unknown levels of awesomeness.