Oh shi-BEES!

A friend of mine linked me to an interesting series of images. Warning: contains bees.

Haha. Stupid bees.

Burn It! Burn Baby Burn!

Flame On!

Goodness Gracious GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!

If it ain’t toast you’re not trying!

I love the smell of 87 octane gasoline in the Morning!

Better bees.

And sometimes when I want to mess with people’s heads I e-mail them pictures from this site.

Good Lord, that’s a big pile o’ bees! O_O

You guys are cool

Hahaha, yeah, I saw that one too when I was searching for the bee clip.

You know, this reminds me of my reaction, playing Metroid Zero Mission, when you suddenly get attacked by a bee miniboss:

omg bee

(I have no idea why I find the phrase “omg bee” so amusing.)

Whatever reason that is, it also applies to me, apparently. :smiley:

And the best part is that the swing set can be sold to an art museum.

Thanks GG, you just exposed one of my few fears - bees. They scare the shit out of me. I like the fact they got burnt to a crrisp. Hmmm, I think I may have a new product line :hahaha; .

Speaking of bees, haven’t there been reports of massive amounts of bees dying everywhere?

bahahaha, awesomeness