Oh right, this was why I got depressed in the first place

Grah, grah, GRAH!

Enviromental questions makes me want to tear my hair out and hope I won’t live to see what happens. For now, it only makes me realize even more that the best thing I can do for this planet is to never have children.

Well, at least it says China aims to lower its energy consumption by 20% in five years. That has to be of some help.

Stupid pandas stealing the WWE’s name.

You know, my dear 984, that somehow made me smile despite all.

I’m not worried, the soultion is obviously to nuke China, US, Canada, Australia and all of those, and North Korea is already working on that if I’m not mistaken.

But really, some restrictions not only in consumption but primarily on birth rates are in order.

The solution is not to forego having children, but for a select few to mate atop unshielded nuclear reactors and thereby produce monsters of unspeakable horror who will bring destruction to modern civilization.

I thought we called those things Reality Shows.

We need to lose a few billion people. It shouldn’t be too hard. We die pretty easily and nature has plenty of tools up its sleaves. Starvation, disease, earthquakes, floods, tsunamies. It’s sadly the only way the exploitation is likely to stop anytime soon. We’re not going to give away any resources here in the industrialised world and the newly industralised world and the developing world are certainly not going to skimp on growth.

I’m hearing a lot of griping, but not many volunteers :frowning:

To mate atop unshielded nuclear reactors? Hell, for humanity, no, for you GAP I’ll do it. I’m proud to have met you.

*marches to unshielded nuclear reactor.

Anyway I highly doubt China will cut back 20%. Their GNP is rising roughly 10% each year and even though their factories are mostly labor intense they still consume more and more raw materials and fuel. Apart from them the more developed a country is, the more it’s usually polluting. Not to mention that the Tokyo protocol (which is supposedly outdated by now) wasn’t signed by the US which accounted for 25% of the pollution.

That’s RPT, not Roun. Only person you can confuse RPT for is PKT.

See. That’s what I’m here for. To make random little comments that do that.

I blame it on his pumpkin. Look, a 3-headed monkey! >runs away

Well we wont be alive but no one is going to do anything about it until some major enviro accident happens…we need a plague…

Avian flu.

I’ll be 68 years old in 2050, I’m quite sure I’ll be there to see it if there hasn’t been a war or plague killing me off before then. Just like most of you.

What we all CAN do is try to live more enviromental friendly. It’s really not that hard.

Yay granny :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You also got to give your politicians to understand that “Your policiez suxx0rz and you lose v0t0rz”. Living environmentally friendly is no good if a new factory surplusses all your efforts. Greece is 17th in the list of shame (energy footprint/person) and environmental policies are at the bottom of the list. Still these things seem a “far off concern” because you just can’t beat human stupidity -or people really love Do androids dream of electric sheep?, one of the two.

Don’t make me break out the cane on your head, young man.

Anyway, that’s true, but the households produce a good deal of these problems as well. Sweden is pretty high on that list, largely because we go by car so much for such long distances.

I’ll be gramps by then. I won’t be able to take the hit.

I’m not saying the households needn’t cut down on their own consumption. Just saying that won’t be enough.

The article could have mentioned the VHEM.