oh noes, 2000 posts :O

Ask me questions n’stuff.

Why did you open this thread when your count was already at 2001 and not before it reached 2000?

Cause I just realized that I hit pver 2000 and didn’t make a thread. >_>

Okay then, why does your avatar looks like it could be called “parrot man”?

did you do something to make Ren angry at you?

Ren’s always angry. He’s full of hate, that man.

Does my avatar look angry? I think it’s more like surprised and saying WTF when I look at it.

What does my avatar say to you? to me it says old man cannnon

To me it says “WHEEEeeeeee…”

lol nice response. but that was more of a Q for the creator of the thread.sry.

Why is Nightblade so awesome?

Be honest, left or right?

Why did you never come to Vancouver so I could kiss you BEFORE I got a boyfriend? God!



When people make these threads because they think they have to, as opposed to wanting to get to know their fellow posters better, it kills the spirit. Seriously, nobody has to do this, and if you don’t want to, don’t. I’m sick of all these people who mindlessly make these threads, in a complete incorrect fashion, just because they feel like it’s the only way to do things. I started the tradition in the spirit of celebating a milestone, but between the unenthusiastic milestone-reachers and the absolutely retarded questions, I don’t see why anybody does it anymore.

I say someone should compile a list of good questions from previous question threads and then whenever people want to celebrate their milestone they answer the questions and maybe if anyone has any actual interesting questions for the specific person then they can answer those too.

Or else only one person celebrate their milestone a month or so. Since people get tired of seeing the question threads, can’t come up with too many interesting questions, or the person who reached the milestone isn’t that well liked or there’s not much else to know about them.

Sorry Nightblade, can’t come up with any specific questions for you.

favorite board game?

favorite quotes or any that you have just always remembered?

scariest moment of your life?

in the past what have you dressed up for Halloween?

great moments of your life?

where have you been to or lived?

where would you like to visit and why?

If you were a mod, who would you ban?

And why are you so Cool and so Sexy?

Which is the weirdest error you’ve seen on the Net?

Sorc and Gunsmokemist have got very good points. These threads should be made when they mean something to the poster. That’s why I’m planning mine for my next membership anniversary, since that’s when I feel like looking back at my time here and how people think of me. Also, a list of GOOD questions will always be useful! Thought funny ones (not offensive ones) should also always be included. :slight_smile:


Serious: Have you ever changed your posting name? You remind me of somebody, but I can’t tell who. (Then again, I can’t remember where I left my coffee mug last night. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Silly: What’s been your funniest experience here?

Thanks sorc, now I know who to hate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I completely agree, except I think it is kind of retarded to think of posting as a ‘mile-stone’. But I never did make a thread like this, and I am sure it is important to some people. Also, you can’t really expect everyone to follow the exact guidelines you laid down for them, that’s just silly and somewhat egotistical. People will change it how they see fit, and now that it’s become a tradition, as you’ve stated, of course people will do it regardless of if they are totally stoked about it or not.