Oh My God! Jack Black is a- Panda!?

A Kung-Fu Fighting Panda to boot! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh Man, I’m definitely seeing this! Especially if (besides the Funny Animals) the story really is serious (like they claim.) Hey, it’s got Jacky Chan in it too (as a Monkey!) :smiley:

I like the movie already; Jack Black lent to his voice as the Panda to cameo a “no texting” ad before movies start at the theater now, so both Black and the movie are on my good side.

It also looks like it might be pretty entertaining.

Want to bet how much porn that’ll inspire? Furry manstud Black, I already see it. And now I’ll shut down my precognition, if you don’t mind.

Furries, indeed, ruins everything they touch.

Jackie Chaaaan!!!

Animation and Jackie. I’m so dragging my man to see this. Hohohohoho.