Oh my dear sweet jesus

Some of you may remember the old band I used to be in (stupid name that I won’t say).
Well, today I took a trip with the remaining members to Columbus to a meeting for some thing one of them signed up for, we all found out it’s going to be at a pretty popular club in Columbus called Newport Music Hall. A lot of pretty big named bands come there.
Well, I basically have been volunteered to be the singer/guitarist for it.
While I know I’m capable of doing something, I just realized I’m going to be singing on a stage that maybe not big named, or even really really talented bands, have played on.
But still, this is something that I thought I’d never do, there will be over 1000 people there <b>at least</b>, and it’s my first time on a stage, singing.

Some of the bands that have played on the stage are: Avenged Sevenfold, Seether, Lamb of God, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dark Star Orchestra, Ministry, Lifehouse, and probably a lot of others.

I mean, I just am so damn scared right now D:

Discuss? :x

Damn you a big boy now

Wow, good luck. This is pretty awesome. You should be happy (although terrified is good too). Being on stage is tough. I wish I could say more than its going to be like jumping in a cold pool. If you can get it started, it’ll keep rolling.

Wow… Im not into the music/bands industry but I can tell just from the 1000 people that’ll be tough. Good luck with that one.

Congratulations on your first gig. I don’t know what type of music you play, but I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as you like it. I’ve only played talent shows(hah), but being on stage can make you pretty nervous. I suggest making sure you know your material 100% cause you don’t want to mess up. Even then, if you guys are energetic and sound good chances are the audience won’t notice a couple mistakes here and there.

Is your band going to be opening up for a few other bands? What’s the situation; is it a festival, battle of bands, or just a regular show?

I played trumpet in front of 3000 people once. That was creepy. But luckily, I have never sung in front of a mass of people.

What was the name of your band?

*Clap, clap, clap.

You’ll be fine, take a few deep breaths before you go on stage, think about ice cream and start singing; the audience doesn’t bite ( much ) and throw tomatoes is something they only do in cartoons.

Haha, thanks for all the support, guys.
The band’s name is really stupid, and all i can get for the sound is a VERY old demo from about 2 years ago, when we were all pretty new to it, and the drummer had been playing about 2 months.
We keep the name less because of what it means and more because it’s what we started with.
The emo song, just completely fucking ignore it, because that’s our… other singer ;x
<a href=“http://www.purevolume.com/resistexisting”>Link oh god</a>

edit: wow, they cut off the only good part of the song.

choke choke choke choke!

Practice as much as possible until everything you play becomes a natural extension of yourself.

Don’t stress out man, just think about all the eyes and ears on you, watching, listening, judging, expecting… oh dear, I’m not helping at all, am I. >.>

Start randomly bursting into song when you’re in public, especially when you’re by yourself.

A) vocal practice (and there’s virtually no such thing as too much practice at this point)

B) the more you do this, the more you’ll be used to large groups of strangers staring critically at you. By the time you get on stage, you’ll either be used to performing in public and being the center of audience attention and be comfortable with it, OR you’ll at least be used to being self-conscious or awkard in front of an audience, which will take the sting/paralysis out of it. Then muscle memory will take over – (practice practice practice!). It’s okay to be nervous, you just don’t want to be “Freeze Up” Nervous.

I’m not very knowledgeable with these things, but I’m totally psyched for you. It sounds so exciting! I hope everything goes well! :smiley:

Wow dude, congrats. Not many people are willing to admit that they’re nervous. But thats awesome and I hope you do well, just don’t get cocky on the mike.If you want you can socialize with the audience at pauses for comfort (ei “How you guys doin tonight” “I fucking love you guys” yada, yada, yada) :slight_smile:

You have now joined my ranks! Welcome bretheren! First, you should ask yourself- do you really think you are ready to be in a direct field as I am?

Yep, it really is important being over 100% comfortable with your stuff. You may find that a sudden visit of stage freight cuts off a good chunk of your abilities for the rest of the show, so it would be good if you are really familiar with your songs. Going through your set automatically lessens the chances for a screw up. And if you feel alright you can rock easier. That said, don’t overdo it and temporally harm your voice or bleed your fingers to death.

It would be a good idea if you could arrange to do a show before the big one, or bring total strangers to your studio to watch you do a show. First time pressure is a lot worse than second or third time one.

Don’t get extremely worked up though. Remember, it’s a concert and everyone, the band and the crowd come to have a good time. And you’ll give them a good time.

:scream: Rock their socks off

Just do what I do on stage, take off your clothes real slow and make sure to pick seductive music, not something like the bands you mentioned. They’re bad for stripping to.

It’s been decided I’m not singing, since my friend has done it more, even though he’s less talented with singing :X

I’m still playing though :smiley:

Compromising your artistic integrity? Walk out on them, really!

Anyway, have fun practicing.

Buuuuu! It’ll suck now.

You keep at it, don’t forget the bit about ice cream.