Oh man... I found it again... praise be to Yevon!

The actual site the flash was originally on is down, so when it says “website” don’t click unless you want to see cam girls spam. I remember this back in the day, it rocked! It STILL rocks! It makes fun of like… all the metal genres except power metal. =p

Yet cool.

That was just plain disturbing

Anyone besides me find that retarded?

1/ [chestjabs Xelo] Yes, me. Me, me, me.

Xelo/ Me, too!

But seriously, that was just … I dunno, some kind of goofy. Stuff. Whatever.

insert predictable acerbic response

That was fucking awesome. I like the sudden change in musical styles as well as the visual atmosphere change. When it went to death metal there was all these dark shades, it was sweet.

I too have been looking for lobster magnet after the main site closed down.
Its one of the best flash movies i’ve seen

“Never put a lobster on a plate, he’ll use his magnet to escape.”


Oh yes, I love that one XD

Saw it a while back. Funny, and silly.

Classics never die. It’s on my hard drive, next to Xiao Xiao and the Demented Cartoon Movie.

How do you copy flash movies to your hard drive?

Easiest way is to look at the source of the web page that it’s on, find the URL of the movie, and then copy that into the address field of your browser.

However, I think there are extensions in IE that allow page creators to forbid showing the page source and also disallow saving of certain file types. DG apparently had a problem saving Lobster Magnet. However, this isn’t true for all browsers, so if you find that IE isn’t letting you get the movie, just try another one.

EDIT: There’s also another solution. There’s a nifty little program called “wget”. It’s a standard Unix program but there is almost definitely a Windows equivalent. wget is a simple program that takes a URL from the command line and just downloads it. So if you wget the URL of the web page with the movie on it, you can view the source HTML that way, and then wget the URL of the movie itself to download it.