Oh, it's THAT time of the year. Lalala~ ;)

Happier than most of my recent threads, I promise :kissy:

In my personal opinion it’s not really Christmas time until [STRIKE]the cows come home[/STRIKE] it’s later than just the second of December, buut to heck with it.

I also think that most Christmas songs are painfully naive, but a little bit of prickly naivité can’t be bad for you every now and then. Not like most of you will understand what I’m singing anyway.

So, anyway, just for fun, I recorded myself singing a couple of Swedish Christmas songs. Enjoy or cringe XD

Actually a refrain and interlude, but that’s the better part of this one. It pretty much says in translation “Christmas is here, please grant us the peace of the stars above and lead us home”. The Swedes here will probably laugh at me slipping into some kind of Northern Swedish accent at one point. Or maybe it’s Gothenburgish. Well, SOMETHING odd happened.

You should recognize the tune here, it’s the Swedish version of “Oh Come all ye Faithful”.

I’m leaving this up until Cid or somebody comes breathing down my neck because I’m taking up server space. :wink:

HOLY HANNAH! Weiila, your singing voice is BEAUTIFUL!! (And that’s no empty butt-kissing, I swear!) even A Capella! Too bad I couldn’t save the files (my Quicktime needs an enhancement and I don’t have a credit card) but I still enjoyed it.

Thanks for the songs- and for posting this thread. RPGC has gotten so cynical lately that I wondered if anyone would make a real Holiday Thread. We can always count on you, Weii! :slight_smile: Hope this means you’re feeling better these days.

:kissy: :wave: :hyperven: :moogle: :victoly:

Hey, how about listing our favorite Xmas/Hannuka/whatever songs? Mine has always been O Holy Night (in English) and The Little Drummer Boy (in Spanish.) Parodies count, too, if they aren’t too cynical ( I love the Redneck 12 Days of Xmas!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww, you’re such a singing goddess. And I didn’t notice anything weird about your accent at all. :kissy:

Ya, hope you’re feeling better. :slight_smile:

Nice voice. You could make a living by singing in a band, Weilla.

My favorite christmas carols have always been Winter Wonderland and Comfort and Joy.

Yes, you have a very angellic voice.

As for my carols, O Holy night, Black mage the deranged psycho, what child is this…i dunno, give me a week of listening tio the radio and i might add more.

Quick question on the subject of christmas music… I usually hear this rock-style Christmas song only once a year on the radio. The only words I know if it are “Christmas is a time for loving.” But that’s all I remember. I tried googling the lyrics and then some, but got nothing. If you need more info, the feel is kind of a rock-shuffle and sounds like it was made back in the 80’s.

Welia - Holy damn! Do more!!

Deleted because I confused something for something else. I should look things up before I confuse their meanings.

Nice singing, nasty songs. Eugh, Christmas songs.

Wow, that is pretty impressive. You do have quite a nice voice. I didn’t even read your post completely and just clicked on the music and I thought you copied it off a CD or something. Then I read your post and realized you didn’t and that it was actually you was amazed.

Yay, happy singing Weiila. :wink:

I second every post which says “Weiila’s voice is effing beautiful”. Beacause it is. :kissy:

That was magnificent, your voice is lovely. I have a small favour to ask, could you please sing Silent Night. I think your voice would be great for that song.

Lovely. Now the rest of us need to sing these songs, if only to make her feel better about how horrible we are :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh well.

Damn, I should really have listened to those songs before now. >.>

Really awesome Weiila. :slight_smile:

And we’d need somewhere to upload Taran. >>

<3 Comfort and Joy

Swedish is such a beautiful language, and you have a really cool voice.

Thanks all, you’re all so sweet :kissy:
I have a bit of training in singing (hence that near-annoying vibrato I can’t shake), and I used to perform a little when I was younger. Mostly with the church choir, though. And not even because I’m a believer myself (I ain’t), but my song teacher was the choir leader.

Well, since Chocobo will requested it… Silent Night, but the Swedish version. Again. ;D I’d try Oh holy night, but the pitches and my voice don’t agree with each other. You sure hear that at the end of Silent Night. I don’t have much of a range.

And here’s my personal favorite, “Jul, jul, strålande jul”. Err… lesse, it says, in translation, something like…

Yule, yule, beaming yule
shine upon white forests
The crowns of heaven with shimmering light
Glistening arcs in all of God’s houses
Hymn that’s been sung from age to age
Eternal longing for light and peace
Yule, yule, beaming yule
shine upon white forests

If you’re wondering about the obsession with shinies, you should try spending a winter up here. 24 hour nights FTW! Not.

Hey, there’s singing around! official mark of approval

I like most of the carols; my fave right now is a greek tune, which I don’t think has an english equivalent. Then I just spend a day just listening to carols, so I can get that fuzzy Christmas feeling. I especially enjoy the fact that all the mainstream radios play jazz/swing versions of these songs. It’s the only month the radio plays real music :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really pretty Weiila. ^^

I have officially been banned from singing/playing christmas music in my room or any room since all my friends hate Christmas music ;.;
So I’m hiding out in the computer lab playing every song I can look up. ^^
Christmas is my favorite holiday, and a favorite Christmas song of mine is Walking in the Air.

Wow that was elegant. Thank you for singing that. Also another good Christmas song is Walking in a Winter Wonderland.