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Where are YOU going to be on May 2nd? Watching X-Men 2 I hope.

I’m going to be in California this weekend, but I’m seeing X-Men 2 with some friends we’re going to meet there. It looks fantastic.

i just hope the sequal is as good as the origional. And Omega, where in Cali?

I shall go see it, if for nothing else than to see Nightcrawler.

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And Omega, where in Cali?

Los Angeles. The friends I referred to live in LA, it’s a great city, and overall, I really like it there. I was there last summer, and I loved it. I can’t wait to go again. ^^

Unfortunatly, since I hate going to movies alone, there is a major local music show going on here in atlanta that most people are going too, so I’ll probably not see it til next week :\

Although I may go see it with some people, I dont know how that’ll pan out.

Colousus is the best X-man, Nightcrawler is second.

Thats cool Omega especially cince I live around LA.

gambit > all

I’ll probably be watching x-men 2 on Saturday or Sunday. Friday opening lines aren’t for me.

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gambit > all

True. Gambit is the best, followed by NightCrawler and Wolverine.

Does no one remember Longshot?


the guy whos power was umm… luck? or am i thinking of someone else?

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
I shall go see it, if for nothing else than to see Nightcrawler.
Man, Nightcrawler’s been my favorite X-Man since like I read comics. He’s so cool, I hope he’s real debonair in the sequel, that was my favorite part ofhis character. Andhis teleport looks like the best special effect I’ve yet seen in this movie.

Well since you asked, I’m going to a Bad Religion concert on May 2nd.

There gonna be a lot of movies I’m going to see =)

Yeah the next matrix movie is also comming out in May. How many years has it been since the last one? 3? 4?

I always loved Nightcrawler since the comics too Merl, I read Excalibur quite a bit. I also enjoy Gambit, cuz lets face it, hes a PIMP.

Meh, personally my favorite X-person is Rogue. But the movie version of her blows so my favorite characters in the movie would be Wolverine and Storm.

I’ll probably see both of them, but I’m looking forward to the Matrix much more than I’m looking foward to X-Men 2.

Long shot! LOL! He wasn’t even a mutant! He was an alien!

Anyone remember Warlock and the new mutants? Or the Asgard Saga? Imagine a computer generated Warlock. Bad ass!