Oh happy day!

I picked up Corporal! I just had to share that. Not much else has really happened. We haven’t really done anything cool lately, so there isn’t anything to share. Well, talk to you guys later.

INFONICK level up!! =D

Congrats, man.

Nice, rank up! How much Honor have you earned, man? :stuck_out_tongue:
(psst… it’s a WoW joke. >.>)

I’m reeeeally ignorant regarding military ranks, but I was under the impression there was a rank between PFC and Corporal (Lance Corporal??) did you skip a step, or were you an LC already or am I just dumb?

In any case congratulations.

Here you go, CH. Yep, you’re correct.

Good job ^^


Infonick grew to level Corporal!
HP increased by 5!
MP increased by 3!
Awesomeness increased by lots!

Congratulations, Infonick!

Congratulations, Cpl.


Chevrons for you.

Congrats man!

Congrats, Info! Keep up the good work.

Congrats, man!

Congratulations! I’m psyched for you that you finally got this. :slight_smile:

Also - “level up”? We’re so nerdy, ha.

yeah well i’m a sargeant http://www.bf2stats.nl/player/47102615/

Congrats, by the way, man. Excelling at something you like is always good :slight_smile:

See dude, it did get better. It wasn’t so long ago you were upset about not making colonel and your gf and everyone was telling you “get used to it life sucks yadda yadda yadda”.

congrats man.

and uh, I don’t mean to be a good-SNL-years-noodge, but the proper quote for your signature is, “I got a fevah, and the only prescription… is more cowbell!”

I never did pick up Corporal. Then again, I only was half a year there and Corporal’s just a step up from your Jaeger/Gunner/basic grunt

Thanks guys. I have to say, it is a lot more stressful than I thought it would be.

So, uh, at what point exactly do you need “leadership courses” or something like that that are required to lead your own squad? Our blokes have 6 weeks of basic training, then some are kicked off towards specialized training, while some fellows go to “under-officer” school that lasts for the rest of that halfyear. The best are plucked off to Reserve Officer School, while the ones who graduate become “AliKersanttis” (Junior Sergeant sounds good…)

Then the rest of the year, they lead their own squad… If they do their job really well, they just might leave the service as a Sergeant for outstanding performance. Like I said, your basic grunt might make it to Corporal. Also, students in the UO-school might make it to Corporal if they perform there solidly as well, before becoming Junior Sergeants.

((Note that everyone gets the same pay if you have half a year, after 6 months it goes a bit up from the 50,40€ every other week, and again at 9 months. You enlisted types got better pay for higher ranks, I recall?))

[Enemy Territory] Congratulations on your promotion, Corporal!

You have reached Level 2 Battle Sense

You have been awarded increased stamina

[/Enemy Territory]