Oh god...

You know that joke, “i installed linux on my toaster”?

Its not a joke anymore…


The joke has lost all meaning to me.

It should be noted that when Sun started that project in the beggining of the past decade that resulted in Java, they intended to use it in common kitchen utilitaires like ovens and freezers. And toasters.

Smart House solutions didn’t shine much back then, but they’re getting new hopes of becoming popular now. Still, that toaster in the link is not exactly my idea of a smart toaster.

I don’t feel like reading all that and I’m pretty sure I would only understand half of it, so let me ask you something: This is useful for -what- exactly?

Yes, but can it run XML? That is the question that has plagued the RPGC Staff for years.

It shows that you are a supernerd. You might get a good job someday in the IT area, but it also brings a lot of disadvantages - like never having sex, being harmed by sunlight and being treated like an alien by society.

I’m almost 100% sure it can. Serious.

Well then. We better get this site operational so it can be viewed on the toaster.

It’s not Linux though, it’s BSD. And yes, yes it most likely can the 984. It can probably run Lynx and view HTML too.

It’s called proof of concept.

The horrible memories ;_; so many arguments…

Yeah, anyways, when a toaster can run XML only THEN will I learn it :stuck_out_tongue:

Its times like this that I’m glad I choose to read through the thread before clicking the link.

Er, with all the research done in the latest yeras in smart house applications, I think there’ve been toasters running XML for quite some time now. In Linux, BSD and Windows Mobile.



Runs away and cries Why ruin a fine joke… ;_;

Yeah, well … that happened with the joke that ended “Hell’s frozen over! It must mean the Patriots/Red Sox won the Super Bowl/World Series!” too. Both versions.

Next is the frying pan. Browse the net and fry up a batch of flapjacks at the same time! Perfect for Canadian users!

Maple Syrup not included

Why not Candy Wrappers, next? We’ve already done something that naturally has few electronics in it, now lets go the extra mile and install it on something that doesnt even have metal in it!

I think Yar suggested installing it on a gerbil a while back, how’s that?

It’s already been done with monkeys and mice, so it can be easily done with gerbils.

Really? I did? Dude, I’m AWESOME.