Oh god, not ANOTER Game movie!

But, oh, wait! This one is /ACTUALY/ going to follow the original game’s story!

That was bound to happen. I guess you won’t see much difference between the game and movie now.:moogle:

I don’t really think anything involving John Romero deserves any more attention…Ion Storm and anything related should just suffer the same fate as E.T…

Then again, Webrunner thought it was a good game…if I ever find it I’ll check it out.

I don’t think John Romero had much involvement in Anachronox.

The game /IS/ really good, beating /PLENTY/ of other popular RPGs if you ask me. And I dont think Romero had anything to do with the production of it.
Same for System Shock 2. And Deus Ex.

The quality of movies based on games has been getting better in recent years.

Anyone remember Street Fighter? Or, <i>gags saying it</i> Mario Brothers?

Or that Nintendo TV Show (forget the name of it - it had Captain N with a nifty NES Controller belt buckle and giant walking Game Boy named… err… Game Boy)

I LIKED Super Mario Brothers.

Hey! Street Fighter was amazing!

Well, OK, since I liked Resident Evil I’ll be willing to forgive you both for liking such crappy movies :mwahaha: , but surely nobody can claim that Nintendo TV show of which I still can not remember the name was actually good.

I liked FF The movie … braces

Get Marvel to stop making any more comic movies so David Hayter is free to play Solid Snake. Then we’ll be fine, as long as Kojima’s actually involved.

Originally posted by StarStorm
I LIKED Super Mario Brothers.

I second that. It wasn’t like the games very much, but in my opinion, that was excusable.

They need to cut the shit and make a Metal Gear movie.

Mario Brothers wasn’t too horrible, but no, it wasn’t like the game. Street Fighter was slightly cool but absolutely god-awful (Raul Julia deserved a better movie for his last one ever). The first Mortal Kombat was pretty good, and I also liked the FF movie. I dunno if it was AWESOME MAN but it was pretty good.

Now here’s the real question: Does anyone remember Double Dragon the movie? GAKKKK

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They need to cut the shit and make a Metal Gear movie.

What he said.

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Hey! Street Fighter was amazing!

You realize I’ll have to kill you now. The alternate twist on the characters was so god awful Cap of USA had to put “I’m a fighter! Not a news reporter!” in Third Strike as one of Chunnie’s win quotes.

The Street Fighter movie was the biggest load of crap anyone has ever seen. At least the Double Dragon movie happened in the actual world of Double Dragon (I’ve beaten all three on NES and can tell you that that part was true, the apocalyptic world at least).

And the Super Mario movie was entertaining. Not good, but entertaining.

I remember all those movies, didn’t exactly like any of the oldies but I did like Captain N even if it had a retarded Mega Man who had to say Mega before everything, while Kid Icarus ended everything with -icus, they were like…retarded pokemon ancestors, and Simon Belmont was bastardised as a wuss to boot.

I liked the Super Mario cartoon better.

I thought Mario Bros. was good when I was a kid. Now, it’s so bad it’s hilarious. Street Fighter was simply terrible. The first Mortal Kombat was pretty good, but the second one was so stupid it made me cry blood. I would rather play Beyond the Beyond all the way through than see five minutes of that one again. I never saw the FF movie, but it looked stupid from the beginning, so I probably won’t.

Its pretty artsy and subtle, so I’m not sure if you’ll like it. (FFTSW)

MK1 wasn’t SO bad, but it wasn’t a good movie. Double dragon was… x_X that was mean making me remember that you know.

Originally posted by StarStorm
I LIKED Super Mario Brothers.

That movie is so horrible, that it’s cool.